Why Am I So Gassy In The Morning? 

If your abdomen is bloated in the morning then farts are very natural. But you should ask yourself why am i so gassy in the morning because every morning you feel bloated or suffer from gas pain then it’s not a sign of a healthy digestive system. Regular gas pain or stomach bloated issues can develop the problem of constipation. In this blog I will discuss with you the causes of feeling gassy in the morning and know how to get rid of a bloated stomach in the morning.

Why Am I So Gassy In The Morning?

When individuals feel bloated in the morning without eating any breakfast or doing any workout then it can be uncomfortable to do any work actively. It’s important to identify the causes of gas in the morning so that you can not face any problem related to bowel release or poop. Your diet and unhealthy lifestyle can play an important role in the problem of gassiness. If your problem is consistent then it can harm your overall health. Now we will know the causes of gassiness so that you can say bye-bye to this problem.

why am i so gassy in the morning

What Causes Excess Gas In The Stomach?

Here I’m going to tell you the causes of a gassy stomach and through these causes you can find out which cause you feel you have. So that you can take the right steps to treat it. Excess gas in the stomach which is also known as bloating can occur for several reasons. Consuming gas forming foods before going to bed at night can develop bloating issues. 

Gas forming foods such as lentils, cruciferous vegetables, high sugar fruits and more. Gas can be locked by swallowing air too fast while drinking and eating. In this situation, bacterial fermentation of undigested food in the intestines can develop excess gas problems.

Some types of medical conditions like irritable bowel syndrome (IBS morning gas), celiac disease and lactose intolerance can create the problem of excessive gas due to unhealthy digestive issues. Development in constipation, changes in the composition of gut bacteria and gastrointestinal infections can increase gas related problems. 

If you have dehydration issues then you have more chances to get bloating in the morning or at night. Lack of drinking water you may face problems of constipation or bloating which can be really uncomfortable or painful sometimes. You should drink water as much as possible throughout the day so you can stay away from these problems.

Remember, gas formation in a limited period can be normal but if it happens persistently or you feel severe bloating then you need to go to the doctor and consult about this.

How To Stop Being Gassy In The Morning?

If you want to stop being gassy in the morning you have to do some changes in your diet or lifestyle pattern. Firstly, you have to avoid eating foods which can develop gas in your stomach such as cruciferous vegetables, beans, dairy and carbonated beverages. 

If you stop eating gas forming foods at night then you will wake up in the morning with a healthy stomach. Trying to eat smaller meals and make a habit of eating slowly can help in digestion better.

Start noticing your sleep position because sleeping on your left side can help in better digestion and reduce the chances of daily gas problems in the morning. Add some light exercises in your routine like stretches, walking and running. These exercises can stimulate your digestion and alleviate your gas discomfort.

If these solutions do not work for you then definitely you should consult the doctor. They suggest the proper treatment for your gassy stomach.

Why Do I Fart So Loud In The Morning?

Fart sound can be based on different factors such as the amount of your stomach gas, speed of its out, and the tightness of the sphincter muscles. This happens because in the morning your body is usually in a relaxed state after a night’s sleep, which can create the louder sounds of gas passes. It’s a very normal body function of our body so don’t need to be concerned about this.


Bloating in the morning can be normal but if it happens everyday then you should notice your lifestyle or your eating habits. There are many solutions that you can follow to reduce your gassy problem such as drink plenty of water, avoid gas forming foods at night, eat light dinner before 8 pm and avoid eating junk foods regularly. But after implementing all these solutions you do not feel relieved then you need to talk to your doctor so that you can stay away from constipation or other gas related issues.

FAQ – Why Am I So Gassy In The Morning?

Que1. Why Am I Bloated In The Morning Without Eating?

Ans- There can be several reasons for feeling bloated in the morning without eating such as swallowing air, changes in diet, choosing unhealthy food options, gut bacteria and other types of medical conditions.

Que2. Why Am I So Gassy At Night And In The Morning?

Ans- The very common cause of feeling gassy at night and in the morning is that your digestion functions slow while you sleep, because of this gas producing bacteria takes more time to ferment food in the gut. If you eat beans, carbonated drinks, cabbage and junks at night can develop gas issues. Waking up with gas pain every morning can not be good. It’s important to take care of your digestion health to get rid of these problems.

Que3. Why Am I So Gassy In The Morning After Drinking Water?

Ans- If you feel gassy or bloated after drinking water or any liquid thing then it’s normal for everyone. This feeling of gassy will last between 5 to 10 minutes.

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