When Someone Dies Can They Come Back To See You? “In Islam”

Many people are worried to think : when someone dies can they come back to see you because death can be very challenging to accept that the person is no longer with us. People also wonder whether the person who has died is still alive in some form and there is any possibility that they may come back to visit us. 

According to our culture, it is believed that when a person dies, the soul wanders in his house for 7 days. And after the completion of 7 days, that soul leaves its home. 

However a deceased person never comes back but there are some ways that they can communicate with us in different ways. In this blog we will understand more deeply about this topic. 

When Someone Dies Can They Come Back To See You

Do People Forget About Their Families And Entire Physical World After Death?

The soul does not forget about its families, loved ones and the physical world after the period of death. However, the soul’s attachment starts to decrease as they go on its spiritual journey.

According to Hinduism, the soul is immortal and it passes through important stages of birth, death and the last is rebirth (samsara) and this journey is immortal, no one can put it to an end. The soul’s experiences in each past life help it learn and grow, and at the end, it attains moksha, and gets liberation from the cycle samsara. 

It’s true, when a person dies, their soul leaves their body completely and this is the time for the soul to enter the subtle realm. In this realm, the soul has some memories of previous life such as  attachment to loved ones, connection to its families, and the physical world. However, all these attachments start to weaken as the soul progresses on its spiritual journey.

At last, it reaches a state of enlightenment where the soul is completely free from all the attachments. In this state, the soul starts to forget its past life attachments to the physical world.

However, this is not the end of the soul journey. After liberation, the journey of the soul continues to exist in a pure consciousness state. It also has the power to make attachments, love, and other positive emotions. But it no longer experiences the whole world the way we do.

When Someone Dies Can They Come Back To See You? 

If a person dies then can he come back to see you. This is a question that has been continuously discussed for centuries and there is no scientific evidence that claims it’s true. However, many people around the world believe this is possible.

People shared a lot of personal incidents in which they saw or felt the presence of the person who died. These experiences can be real for those who are grieving. I told you above that after the death of a person the soul still exists in that house for 7 days because of which it is very normal for families or loved ones to feel its existence. 

However, for a soul it is very difficult to see his own family, relatives or loved ones crying in front of his eyes but he can not do anything and this is the reason that soul keeps on wandering to find moksha. 

Some people believe that these kinds of sensations mean the deceased person wants to communicate with them. Others believe that it is simply a product of a grieving mind. However, it is a matter of personal beliefs for example – if you have had a very close relationship with the person who has died, then it’s normal for you to feel that you are watching them or feeling their presence. 

Signs Of Deceased Visiting

Here are some possible signs that the person who has died might be trying to communicate with you.

  1. Seeing and hearing voices in a dream.
  2. Feeling their presence in the room or in your dreams.
  3. Smelling their perfumes.
  4. Seeing his/her favorite animal that was really close to them.
  5. Seeing some signs that are meaningful to you and the other person. 

If you notice any of these signs happening to you, you should pay attention to understand their meaning. This could be a way for your loved ones to let you know that they are with you whether they are gone in this physical world. 

Can The Dead See You When You Visit Their Grave?

Some people believe that dead people see us because they are still connected to the world until he attains salvation. They are able to feel our presence and even see us with their spiritual eyes. Other people believe that the person who has died can see us if they believe them that they can.

If we have faith that they are watching us, then there are chances to manifest themselves to us. Ultimately it depends on your personal beliefs. If you believe that the soul can see you, then you can definitely talk with them on visiting their grave and there is no harm.

You may feel comforted, relaxed and connected with them. However, if you don’t believe that the dead person sees you then you don’t need to feel obligated to visit their grave. 

How Long After Someone Dies Can They Visit You?

According to the hindu traditions, the soul of the deceased person can visit their families and loved ones for 7 to 10 days after death. This period is also called shraddha period. During this period, people believe that the soul is still connected to the physical world and the people they love. 

If you want to visit that person who has died then you can create an environment that is full of spiritual experiences by lighting candles, playing calming music and doing meditation or prayer. If the soul has a very strong attachment to you then there are possibilities that they also find a way to communicate with you.

When Someone Dies Can They Come Back To See You In Islam?

No, in Islam, people do not believe that the dead person can come back to see. It happens because death is considered to be the last stage of this life and the starting of the new life. 

The dead soul will either go to heaven or hell, depending on their karmas (deeds). According to Islam, there is no chance to return that person who has been dead. 

A hadith, (narration of the Prophet Muhammad) states, “When the person dies, his deeds are cut off, expected for three things : charity continuous, sharing knowledge that provides benefits for others, and a religious child who prays for him”. (Sahih Muslim)

There are also some muslims who believe that the dead person can come in dreams to communicate with us. However, the knowledge related to dead people is not clearly mentioned in the Quran and hadith.

How Do I Know If A Dead Person Is Visiting Me?

If you feel that a deceased person is trying to communicate with you then there is some sign that you should look for. But remember you don’t need to feel worried when you feel the presence of a dead person. You should be understood like your loved ones want to remain in touch with you even after their death.

So the question is how can you know if a deceased person is trying to talk to you? The first indication is to feel the presence of the soul in an open space like room or in your dreams. 

When you are alone, you can also feel some coldness of the air or hear some footsteps that you can listen to easily. There are chances that a deceased person may also appear in dreams and give you some warnings, guidance and comfort.


During the hard times when we lose our loved ones, we have to understand that they are always with us even if we can’t see them. Our loved ones will always live in our hearts whether it’s only through some shared good memories or stories. If you want to feel their presence then try to understand their indications and make a strong belief that he/she is always around you.

FAQ – When Someone Dies Can They Come Back To See You? “In Islam”

Que1. How Many Ways Can That Dead Person’s Soul Talk With Us?

Ans- There are three common ways to know that a dead person’s soul talks with us such as through dreams, signs (hearing voice, and footsteps) and meditation.

Que2. Is It Scary When Someone Dead Come Back To See You?

Ans- If you want to communicate or feel its presence of the soul then this can not be scary for you. But if you don’t have a close attachment from the person who died and you feel the presence of the soul, you may feel a bit scared. 

Que3. When Someone Dies Can They Come Back To See You After Death?

Ans- Yes, the person who has died can come back to see you after death if they have close attachment with you. They will keep trying to understand that he is around you even after death. 

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