Wall Pilates Challenge Before And After Results 

Everyone loves to have a slim, toned and sexy figure and guess what if you achieve this goal in just a few days by incorporating wall pilates challenge. This wall workout challenge can easily transform your body and overall personality, whether you are a plus size. So in this article I will talk about wall pilates challenge reviews, pilates wall challenge before and after results and also share with you the free pilates wall workout chart to easily understand this routine.

wall pilates challenge

What Is A Wall Pilates Challenge?

A wall pilate challenge is a different type of body transforming fitness routine that involves practicing several types of pilates wall exercises such as :

  1. 28 day wall pilates challenge
  2. 30-day wall pilates challenge
  3. 21 day wall pilates challenge
  4. Betterme wall pilates challenge
  5. 7 day wall pilates challenge 

These workouts can be challenging but accessible for everyone, and they can be practiced at your own home without using any equipment. It can help to enhance your flexibility, core strength, reduce back pain, help in weight loss, good body posture and improve your mood. These types of challenges usually include activities such as wall sits, leg raises and stretches. This wall pilates routine is an easy way to speed up your pilates workout.

Wall Pilates Routine For Beginners

Here are some necessary steps of wall pilates for beginners :

1. Wall Squats

(A) Firstly, you need to stand with your back against a wall and your feet should be in width from each other.

(B) Now leaning down the wall to get into a squat position, keep your knees in line with your ankles.

(C) Stay in this position at least 10-12 seconds, then slowly slide back up the wall.

2. Wall Angels

(A) This warm starts with lying down on the floor with your back against the wall, knees properly bent, and feet flat on the floor.

(B) Now slowly extend your arms out to the sides at shoulder height, and your palms positions should be facing up.

(C) Lastly, slowly slide your arms up the wall, then bring them back down. Remember to keep your back and arms in contact with the wall.

3. Leg Lifts Against The Wall

(A) You have to lie on your back with your hips close to the wall for support and legs extended upwards against the wall.

(B) Slowly lower one leg down the wall and keep the other leg against the wall.

(C) Raise the leg back up and switch legs. This exercise works to engage the core and legs.

4. Wall Planks

(A) Start to place your hands on the floor shoulder width apart and place your feet on the wall behind you.

(B) Stay in a plank position for a while, including your core and try to maintain a straight line from your head to your heels.


If you are a beginner in pilates, you should start with less repetitions of each exercise. As you get good at this, you can increase the number of repetitions of the pilates wall exercises. Some people do not like to exercise alone, for this you can join any pilates studio like “Boost Pilates” or any of your favorite. Once you learn exercise then you can even do it alone in your home.

Wall Pilates Challenge Before And After Results 

Wall Pilates Challenge Before

Before starting this wall challenge individuals have problems related to bad body posture, belly fat, muscle imbalances, less flexibility and thigh fat. 

Wall Pilates Challenge  After

But after completing this wall workout challenge you will get a toned sexy figure that looks very attractive and increase your confidence. In addition, you also notice changes in your strength, body flexibility, weight loss and even reduce extra fat from your overall body including face fat. Many people are frustrated with cheeks fat or full face fat but this pilates challenge can also reduce it.

Wall Pilates Challenge Chart For Beginners 

This is the pilates wall workout chart for beginners to understand the positions well. You can download the free pilates wall workout chart and stick into your exercise room, so that you never forget any single exercise.

Wall Pilates Challenge Chart

Wall Pilates Challenge Reviews

If you want to start this wall challenge but want to know reviews before starting it, then reviews of wall pilates challenge are free to read in social media like youtube, google and reddit. This wall challenge has achieved a lot of positive reviews from millions of people all over the world. After you are satisfied from reviews, you can also start your body transformation journey.

Wall Pilates Challenge App

Better me pilates challenge app is a great option to start this wall challenge. This better me wall pilates app is an absolutely free app that gives users a proper 30 day workout plan that can be done easily at your own home by using just the wall. This app also includes several types of day workout such as 28 day wall pilates challenge free, 30 day challenge and 21 day wall pilates challenge. 

It’s your choice how many days you want to start the challenge. According to my experience, the Betterme 28 day wall pilates challenge is enough for everyone whether you want to lose body fat, thigh fat and want to achieve a sexy waist like “Chloe Ting“.


Wall pilates challenge is a great opportunity especially for those who are not able to go the gym or any workout center for some reasons. Through this challenge anyone can get attractive body shape in just a few days. It is a low impact 

wall workout challenge which is safe for everyone and it can be complete in just 30 minutes a day. You can also use a better me pilates app that helps to motivate you and works like a reminder for you to get in shape. This app is completely free to download or if you want, you can also download wall pilates charts on your phone that are also very helpful to recall all the positions.

FAQ – Wall Pilates Challenge Before And After Results

Que1. Is The Wall Pilates Challenge Free?

Ans- Yes, this challenge is absolutely free for everyone.

Que2. Can Wall Pilates Challenge Work For Plus Size Beginners?

Ans- Yes, If you are plus size then don’t worry it’s also work for you but you need to work hard to achieve your ideal results.

Que3. Is The Betterme 28 Day Wall Pilates Challenge Work?

Ans- Yes, this 28 day wall challenge by the better me pilates app works for everyone if you are consistent with this pilates exercise.

Que4. Can Pilates Workout Lose Belly Fat?

Ans- Yes, It helps to lose weight but you have to add proper diet, and other cardio exercises in your routine.

Que5. Is There A Best Wall Pilates Youtube Channel?

Ans- “Blogilates” by Cassey Ho and “Rachel’s fit pilates” provides an up to date information related to effective wall pilates workout. You can watch wall pilates videos on their channels for motivation to achieve your body goal.

Que6. Is Wall Pilates Challenge Good For Weight Loss?

Ans- Yes, this pilates wall challenge helps in weight loss but maintaining your diet routine is also very important.

Que7. What Are The Benefits Of The Wall Workout Challenge?

Ans- Wall pilates benefits such as losing body fat, increase flexibility and strength, reduce stress and give you an attractive toned physique.

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