Visiting Graceland’s For Free: See The Meditation Garden And Graves Of Elvis Presley And His Family

Is it possible that you can tour the Graceland meditation garden for free each morning! 

Yes, it’s possible for anyone to visit Graceland’s meditation garden, Elvis Presley’s mansion in Memphis, for free. Score! However, you can’t enter the mansion itself, but you can visit the Meditation Garden and get a close look at the graves of Elvis and his family.

For those who want to see the entire mansion without the cash or time, walking in the garden is a great free option!!

NOTE: If you’re a superfan of Elvis, you should take a day tour from Memphis to Tupelo to see the Elvis birthplace. Lunch and transportation facilities are included!

When You Can Visit Graceland For Free?

Every morning from 7:30 to 8:30, the gates open and the visitors start being welcomed to walk the drive to the Meditation Garden. The mansion is at 3764 Elvis Presley Blvd.  Guests must arrive before the start of the daily tour.

When you reach the exit gate, there is a special sign that remembers and honors Elvis Aaron Presley, a very famous historical figure. This marker is a way to acknowledge and pay tribute to all the achievements and impact of Elvis Aaron Presley, who was widely known and loved for his music and contributions to popular culture.

Graceland Gardens is, of course, where the King of Rock ‘n’ Roll lived. Elvis bought the (13.8-acre) mansion in 1957 for just over $100,000. This was a huge amount at the time!  But he could easily afford it – thanks to his extensive track record of hits.

You will definitely pass in front of a brick wall. Indeed, the brick wall surrounding the property has been decorated with a multitude of messages from thousands of Elvis fans over the years.


As you walk towards the Meditation Garden, you can get a good view of the mansion. Graceland’s meditation garden is the second-most visited house in the United States, behind only the White House.

The Meditation Garden And Graves Of Elvis Presley And His Family

After catching a glance of the mansion at Graceland, it’s onto the garden itself. I went on a Tuesday morning and found myself around another 20 to 25 people.

That group included some very excited German tourists who tossed a bunch of cameras my way and required me to take several pictures of them. But I’m really happy to oblige.

The garden is a very beautiful, peaceful environment, full of flowers and a central fountain. You can visit the meditation garden at Graceland for free every morning of the year except Thanksgiving and Christmas days.

Getting a chance to visit without planning ahead is really lucky. So, remember to be polite and considerate to the place and other visitors.

Where Is Elvis Buried – Elvis is also buried with his mother, father, grandmother and stillborn twin brother.

Meditation Garden At Graceland  Tickets, Tours, Hours, Parking

Shockingly! Elvis died in the bathroom of Graceland in 1977, because of a heart attack. After that, the property was owned by his daughter Lisa Marie, until she passed away in early 2023. Now, it has been decided that her children will own the property.

Lisa Marie is also now buried in Meditation Garden at Graceland next to her son, Benjamin Keough, who passed away a few years earlier.

As mentioned earlier, you cannot go inside the mansion unless you buy a ticket. And ticket prices have increased dramatically in recent years.

Around the year 2011, you could get a basic ticket for $31, but as of 2023 the cheapest ticket is now $49.75. And that’s for something called the “Memphis & Planes Tour,” which doesn’t even include a full tour of the mansion!

The cheapest Elvis mansion ticket is now a whopping around $79 for young youth and $45 for kids. That’s the Elvis Experience Tour, which includes a mansion tour and full access to the Elvis Entertainment Complex, which includes all the museums and a tour of his custom jets.

Some Graceland tours include access to the – Presley Motors Automobile Museum, which is a huge collection of the King’s old cars. That includes his famous pink Cadillac: and because these items cost a lot of money, it’s easy to understand why many people are eager to visit the meditation garden at Graceland for free, even if they can’t afford to pay for the full mansion tour. VIP mansion tours range from $135-215.

The most expensive tour includes “VIP exhibits” and random perks like free meals and “exclusive photo opportunities.”  It’s not really worth paying the extra to be honest.

If you want to fully immerse yourself into the Elvis mansion experience, you can stay right at – The Guest House at Graceland.

Maybe, you won’t be staying inside the mansion itself, but you’ll be staying just steps away, on an upscale hotel property operated by the folks who run Graceland’s.

Graceland is usually open from 9 am to 4 pm most days, but the opening and closing times can be changed depending on the season. On certain popular dates, the hours are extended until 5 pm or 6 pm. The mansion is closed to visitors on Thanksgiving and Christmas times. The museums strictly don’t open until 10 am.

Note: Sometimes, there are special events in the meditation garden at Graceland, which is a place associated with Elvis Presley. One of these events is his annual birthday celebration, which usually lasts for several days. It’s January 7-10 next year (his actual birthday is January 8.) So keep your eyes peeled for special programs that Graceland announces from time to time.

Graceland Meditation Garden has a secure visitor parking lot. To make it easy to find on GPS, the address for the parking lot is a little different. It is located at 3717 Elvis Presley Boulevard in Memphis, Tennessee.

At last check, the cost of on-site parking was reportedly around $10. When I visited, luckily, I found free street parking in the neighborhood and drove, so that’s always a good option.

Most people often wonder if you can drive by Graceland garden or see it from the road. Yes, you can, but it’s hidden behind the gate, and it sits back from the road a bit, so you won’t feel comfortable to see much just from driving by.

You’re better off parking and walking to the front gate. That way you can at least get a photo of the front gate, the historical marker, and a view of the mansion from afar.

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Graceland Mansion Tour

The Graceland mansion tour has become a popular attraction that attracts visitors to explore the iconic home of Elvis Presley. The tour takes you through various rooms in the mansion, providing a wonderful glimpse into Elvis’s personal life and his influence on music and pop culture. Here are some highlights you can expect from the tour –

1. Graceland Mansion – The tour begins at the mansion itself, where you can tour the rooms Elvis once lived in. You’ll see the music room, living room, dining room, kitchen, and other areas that were part of Elvis’ daily life.

2. Trophy Building – Adjacent to the mansion is the Trophy Building, where you can view Elvis’s all the collection of gold and platinum records, several costumes, photographs, and other memorabilia.

3. Elvis Presley’s Automobile Museum – As part of a tour of the mansion, you can also explore the Elvis Presley Automobile Museum, which showcases some of the cars Elvis once owned, including his famous pink Cadillac.

4. Elvis Presley’s Memphis Entertainment Complex – The tour includes close access to Elvis Presley’s Memphis, a complex dedicated to the life and career of Elvis Presley. Here, you’ll find many exhibits, displays, and artifacts related to Elvis’s music, movies, and personal life.

5. Meditation Garden – The tour includes a visit to the Meditation Garden, where Elvis and members of his family are usually laid to rest. It is a serene and reflective space.

FAQVisiting Graceland’s For Free: See The Meditation Garden And Graves Of Elvis Presley And His Family

Que1. What Is The Price Of Graceland Tickets 2023?

Ans- 2023 Graceland Tickets Options are – 

1. Ultimate VIP Tour around $195.00 – $215.00, 
2. ELVIS Movie UVIP Tour – $195.00,
3. Elvis Entourage VIP Tour – $135.00 
4. Elvis Experience Tour around – $45.50 – $79.75 .

Que2. How Long Does It Take To Tour Graceland In Memphis?

Ans- The mansion tour lasts around one to one and a half hours. If you choose the Elvis Experience tour, it includes not just the mansion but also the car museum and other exhibits. This whole tour takes between two and a half to three and a half hours.

Que3. Which Is The Best Graceland Tour Package?

Ans- When it comes to choosing the best Graceland tour package, there are a few factors you should consider – budget, preferences, and the level of access you desire. Here is the best tour package of Graceland

1. Elvis Experience Tour
2. Elvis Entourage VIP Tour
3. Elvis Presley’s Memphis VIP Tour
4. Ultimate VIP Tour

Que4. Who Owns Graceland Meditation Garden Right Now ?

Ans- Lisa Marie Presley has 100% sole personal ownership of Graceland Mansion right now and it’s more than 13 acres of original grounds and her father’s personal effects – meaning costumes, wardrobe, awards, furniture, cars, etc.

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