Common Types Of Noses And What They Say About You

There are different types of noses for each individual, and each nose shape has a different meaning. Nose is the center part of your face and the most prominent feature. Our body features show our personality somewhere. So, if you are the one who wants to know : What type of nose do I have? Then In this blog we will talk about different types.of.noses and know what they mean.

types of noses

What Are The Common Types Of Noses?

Here I’m going to tell you some very common nose types and you can find what type of nose you have and what they mean.

1. Fleshy Nose

A fleshy nose is generally known as a broad nose which has a wide, soft rounded tip with large nostrils. These types of noses are mostly found in men as well as in women. Those who have fleshy noses are usually associated with a generous, kind and compassionate personality. In addition, these types of nose shapes people have great listening skills and a deep understanding of human emotions. Of Course not everyone with a fleshy nose has these wonderful personality traits. But it is believed that fleshy nose shape people are a sign of kindness, love and generosity.

 Fleshy Nose

2. Roman Nose

Roman nose is the type of nose that is shaped like a prominent bridge, showing a slightly curved or upturned nose appearance like an eagle’s curved beak. People who have roman noses have the qualities of power, strength and intelligence.

Fleshy Nose

3. Nubian Nose

A nubian nose is generally wide, with large nostrils and a downward sloping tip. It is usually seen in those people who are from African descent. In the ancient Egyptian culture, this nubian nose type was believed as a sign of nobility and royalty. It is a symbol of beauty, power, intelligence and strength. Some other personality traits of nubian nose shape people have such as open- mindedness, charisma, curiosity and emotional expressiveness.

 Nubian Nose

4. Nixon Nose

A nixon nose is a type of nose that appears like a straight bridge, which is curving at the end into a wider tip. It is named after Richard Nixon, who is the 37th president of the United States of America, who had the same nose profile. This type of nose is very uncommon and it is found in 1% of the population. Some people believe it is a sign of strength and beauty and some believe it is a symbol of power and wisdom.

Nixon Nose

5. Button Nose Shape

A button nose is a small and round shape with a slightly upturned tip. It is usually believed to have a short and cute nose shape. Button nose is commonly found in people of Asian and native American descent. It is a symbol of youth and innocence. People who have button noses are very sweet, kind, loving and playful. Sometimes the button nose is connected as a celestial nose or doll nose.

Button Nose Shape

6. Greek Nose

Greek nose shape is considered as a elegant and classic nose shape. This type of nose is generally like a straight bridge and slightly upturned tip. Greek noses are most commonly found in the people of Mediterranean descent, but it can found in the people of all over the world. It is symbol of boldness, beauty, intelligence, confidence and is believed a most attractive nose shape.

Greek Nose

Other Different Types Of Noses

1. Bulbous Nose

A Bulbous nose is larger than average, generally it has a round shape and looks more prominent than other facial features. Bulbous nose can be genetically or occur due to other lifestyle factors.

2. Bumpy Nose Shape

A bumpy nose shape is an irregular shape or has a bump on the top of the nose. There can be several causes of bumpy nose such as injury, genetically and other medical conditions but the most common cause is genetics.

3. Pug Nose Type

A pug nose human is that type of nose that looks wide, short and turned up at the end. It is usually considered as a breed of pug dog, that is why this nose shape is called human pug nose.


These are some types of noses with names and their meanings. You can easily choose what type of nose you have. Every nose shape is a beautiful nose, so stop thinking that you have the ugliest nose types, you don’t need to do any nose job or rhinoplasty treatment unless it is necessary.

What Are The Common Types Of Noses In Females?

The most common types of noses in females are – 

  1. Wide nose
  2. Narrow nose
  3. Pug nose shape
  4. Roman nose
  5. Button nose


Each individual has a different types.of.noses and it represents how people actually look different from each other. Some noses are short, big, narrow and while some noses are attractive and strong. Maybe you got the desired nose shape from any of these but whatever you have your nose profiles, it’s beautiful and makes your look unique.

FAQCommon Types Of Noses And What They Say About You

Que1. What Is The Rarest Nose Shape?

Ans- Greek nose or Nubian is the rarest nose shape.

Que2. Which Is The Most Attractive Nose Shape?

Ans- Button nose shape can be the most attractive nose shape.

Que3. What Type Of Nose Do I Have?

Ans- If you find some difficulty to know what nose type you have, you can use a chart of nose types to easily understand and there are two types of charts such as female chart nose types and types of noses chart for male.

Que4. Is Straight Nose Attractive?

Ans- Yes straight nose is attractive like other nose shapes.

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