The 7 Most Important Life Lessons “From Who Moved My Cheese” Book

What did I get from the book “Who Moved My Cheese”? I learned the power of unaffected consistency, letting go of the past, working hard, consistent action, being ready to accept the changes, and making a strong balance between failures and success.

Before sharing my personal 7 Most Important Life Lessons From “Who Moved My Cheese”. I want to share my real life story so that you can understand it better. 

If a 21 year old girl can become successful after seeing so many failures, then why can’t you? 

I am someone who has lost hope many times in my life. I was a 21 year old girl 2 years ago and wanted to do something good in my life. I wanted to have a stable career, freedom of money and some good accomplishments. 

But at that time I did not have the skill, this was my thinking for myself!

However, my strong intentions towards my career have always been with me. But I regret that I wasted my 6 months thinking —- I don’t have skills, instead I should have worked on myself.

One day I was just sitting on my chair as usual and thinking about my career. My elder brother came to me and gave me work to write an article for his company. 

I was free, so I said yes. 

I started writing an article and I really enjoyed that process. When I completed the article I felt very satisfied and my brother also praised me for writing a very impressive article.  

The 7 Most Important Life Lessons From Who Moved My Cheese

I got some motivation or a path from them and I asked myself if I could make a career in content writing. A voice came from inside that yes, I can do it. 

Believe me, the voice coming from the heart is always very true. 

After deep contemplation, I decided to start my career in the content writing profession or you can say “Blogging”. 

Afterward, I commenced to gain knowledge about this profession. Gradually, I learned a lot and I made my own website under the name of “Healthy Life“. 

Everything was going to be very smooth and I had envisioned success. But you can not realize the value of success, without eating the fruit of failure. 

I think you got my point!

The harsh reality for me was that I faced failure when I needed to succeed in simple words. I needed money to survive. 

I was from a very middle class family and for this girl to have her first business fail, it felt like life was over. I didn’t have the courage to try something again in life. 

I was determined to quit my profession at that time. I started feeling mentally disturbed and was not able to make the right decisions.

I liked reading, so I decided to cultivate my habit because I know that reading books is the best and easiest way to get mental clarity. 

I was hoping that maybe this habit would become one of the important driving factors to point my life in the right direction.

Can you guess what the first book I read was? 

Of course,Who Moved My Cheese”, was my first book and this was also my last book for 6-7 months because it hits my mind a lot. 

In this book, the author emphasizes that you should never stop in your life. If someone gets failure then it means that success revolves around him but they are not able to catch it.

If you fail so many times in your life, whether the field is your relationships, career, freedom, wisdom and much more. Your only job is to keep moving forward and taking actions on time with a positive mindset. This is the way to achieve success in any field of your life.

I started my blogging career a second time with the new approach and again I faced failure. Then I commenced my third website and for no reason I experienced failure again. 

But because I am determined and I learn something new from my mistakes every time. Which is why i kind of think that i will never stop in my life until i get success.

With this positive mental attitude and continuous hard work, I finally achieved success in my career for the fourth time. I felt the sweetness of this success.

Now I can say that I have skills, I am running multiple websites of my own and I have financial freedom. I achieved all these things at the age of 23. I spent my 2 years working on myself, learning better and accepting failures.

I am grateful for the book “Who Moved My Cheese” that guides me to understand 7 key principles to change my life, thoughts and my actions.

Are you also eager to know the 7 most important life lessons from the “Who Moved My Cheese” book?

So let’s dive into it. 

The 7 Most Important Life Lessons “From Who Moved My Cheese” Book

I’m not going to share the summary of this book or its characters with you because 

many people may have already read that book and some people may read this book by themselves. 

So, sharing all the characters here is a waste of time for me, it would be better if i provide you something valuable.  

My aim is to share my experience and learnings that I got from this book because I guess, to become successful or achieve something you should be curious about how you can apply all the great teachings in your life to become the type of person that you want. 

And I did the same thing with myself. Do you also want to enjoy that learning? 

If yes, then stay here. 

1. Unaffected Consistency In Work

What does unaffected consistency mean? I will explain to you with my example. 

Remember, there are two types of consistency one is affected consistency and the other is unaffected consistency. 

When I get my first big failure after my first hard work in my life I can’t tell you how heartbreaking it was for me. I was hearing taunts from all sides, especially from my own family. 

They didn’t support me and forced me to do a job outside because they felt I was wasting my time and energy in the business profession.

I also realized that I really needed money to survive and to do that I got a job as a receptionist that I didn’t really like. Every day while working on the job, this question came to my mind: what am I doing with my life, is this what I really wanted to do? And this question pierced my heart like a dagger.

I would go to work every day and come back and work on my profession. But I noticed that whatever work I was doing, I was doing it with a lot of muttering.  Meaning I was mentally disturbed.

I was cursing my circumstances and my job, so much so that I felt that all the suffering in the world was destined for me.

It just means that I was letting my current situation dictate me, I was consistent in my work but I was also affected by my circumstances. 

Do you think I can achieve success if my current situation affects me, no matter how consistent I am in my work?

No, I cannot succeed if I work by affecting my bad circumstances. That’s why whatever your current circumstances, no matter how bad it is, you have to work with the unaffected consistency. 

Unaffected consistency means that you are not letting the current situation dominate your mind and whether there is sadness or happiness in your life, you give 100% in your work without being affected by any harsh situation.

As I did, my family did not believe in me that I could do anything good in my life, but without affecting my current situation or reality, I worked hard and achieved.

Believe in the power of unaffected consistency and enjoy your remarkable success.  

2. Embrace Failures With A Positive Mental Attitude

Don’t treat your failures as if your life is over because of them. Failures are a realization that works to motivate you don’t stop here. 

If you never face setbacks in your life, your chances of winning will also be minimal because you will not learn anything.

When I saw failure for the first time in my life, I also became very distressed and started thinking negatively about myself that I cannot achieve anything, I am just a useless person and so on.

But somewhere I know this is not true.  The real problem lies in my perspective.  In this book the author also tells that you should try to love your failures also.

Like the two characters described in this book are two rats. Whenever they did not get cheese, they did not sit worried about it. They continued moving forward. 

And the two human characters in this book used to get completely upset and would not work at all. 

I asked myself what am I doing? This gives me a push! 

Then I started changing my way of thinking, worked on my mental attitude and I tried to analyze deeply what was the reason behind my failure and I found it and worked on them. 

I stopped worrying about my failures and started working on them wisely. 

You should also do the same.

3. Make Your Fear Your Weapon

Perhaps, you have heard the very famous dialogue from an advertisement, “Victory Is Beyond Fear”.

Earlier I used to think about what is this dialogue and what is its meaning and perhaps sometimes I used to laugh at this dialogue too.

But there is a deep meaning which I was not able to understand at that time. However, when my thinking grew up, I actually realized that this dialogue is so much true for real life.   


When I failed in my first business, I had no courage to start it again because my fear stood in front of me. And the fear like,

  1. What happens if I do not succeed this time? 
  2. What will I do to secure my future?
  3. How will my household expenses be covered? 
  4. Will my family give me another chance to do this work? 

Thinking about all these fears, I did not take any step in my life for three to six months.

But when I broke this fear and faced it, only then did I see success in my life. 

Maybe you also want to achieve something in your life but because of some unnecessary fears you are not taking steps to stand out in your life. 

Am I Right?

I have loved dancing very much from my childhood. But there was a fear in my mind that if I danced, someone might laugh at me. What would happen if I didn’t dance well, what would everyone say? Due to all these fears, I could never learn dance in my life even though I loved it.

My friend’s elder sister was a very good dancer and she offered me to learn to dance. That too for free. And this was a very good opportunity for me which itself came to me from the front.

If I had faced my fear, today I would have learned a very good dance for free and would have been enjoying it a lot.

But today I keep regretting just thinking about that time that if I had faced my fear, I would have learned it and perhaps I would have made my career in this field.

This is a strong lesson for me and probably for all those who wasted some good opportunities in their life just to make sure that they did not have to face fear.

4. Have The Attitude To Learn From Every Mistakes

I loved mistakes in my life. 

Maybe It sounds funny to you, but I really love mistakes because mistakes give me lessons that I will never do again in my life.

When I didn’t get the results I wanted, I cursed myself, how could I make these stupid mistakes, why do I make all the mistakes?

This attitude was making me sink further in my career day by day. Instead of learning from the mistakes I used to consider mistakes as the reason for my destruction but somehow they became the reason for my success. 

How did I do that?

There were two human characters in the book “Who Moved My Cheese“, the first character had become very arrogant after finding the cheese and that arrogance remained intact even after losing the cheese.

But on the other hand, the second character, after losing the cheese, was realizing his mistake that he should not have been proud when he got the cheese. 

When the second character realized his mistake he started working again and gradually he succeeded in finding the cheese again but the first character never worked on his work and instead of working hard, he died thinking about his past (Who stole my cheese and I will get him punished?)

Hope you have understood which character you should be. I was very inspired by the second character and since then I love my mistakes because it always teaches me.

And when I developed such a mental attitude, my mistakes also seemed very small to me and I started working very hard to improve them.

Learn from your mistakes, this is the mantra of success. 

5. While Taking Action Forget About The World

As I already told you, when I decided to start my career again, how much was I thinking about my family, others and the world?

So many unnecessary questions were revolving around my mind. How strange it is that instead of taking action to make our lives better, we start thinking about the other things first.

I never allowed my dance hobby to progress in my life, what will people say just by thinking about the others.

But we forget to think that does the whole world really seem like something to us? 


And by asking myself this question, I stopped thinking about the world and worked on my actions. I used the power of unaffected consistency in my life and I got amazing results. 

So start paying attention to yourself, take timely action so that you never regret wondering why I didn’t think about myself instead of thinking about others.

6. Stop Blaming Others For Your Circumstances.

In this book a human character becomes more egoistic because he got cheese. He started showing off to his friends that he had a big mountain of cheese.

He stopped working completely. But what happened, after a few days the cheese became invisible. He was shocked and showed anger towards others.

He started shouting loudly, “Who has stolen my cheese and I will not leave it?

Here this character started blaming others for his mistakes. He forgot how big a mistake it was for him to show so much pride when he got success.

Success is never permanent. You will have to keep working for it throughout your life.

The important thing to be learned here is that you should never blame others for your mistakes. If you always blame others you will never succeed in life. 

A very famous line from “The Secret” book which I absorbed in my life, “You are the creator of your life. Whatever is happening to you, whether it is right or wrong, it is all your doing”.

Never blame others for your karmas. 

Whenever something goes wrong with me, I focus on myself instead of cursing others.  I accept the mistake and move ahead.

Now here I do not mean that if someone commits murder then you should take the blame on yourself.

I am talking about those mistakes which happen to you by your fault.

A small example is that if a glass of water has fallen on the floor by you, instead of arguing about it, consider it a mistake and move ahead.

7. Balance Between Failures And Success

When I got success in the second attempt of my career, my happiness knew no bounds. I started thinking about material things that I couldn’t buy right now, like a car, a big house, etc.

Somehow, instead of focusing on my work in the present, I focused more on 

  • What things I am going to buy in the future?
  • When I become very rich, where will I go to visit?

Whereas I didn’t even have enough money to do all the things I’m thinking about now.  And this wrong behavior of mine started affecting my work somewhere because my attention has become focused towards material things.

I don’t want to say it, but somewhere a little ego started coming inside me that yes, now I am getting money. I can do anything in my life. 

And what did I get by thinking about all this?


What was the reason behind this?  

Because I was thinking more about things I can’t do right now.

But the lesson I get from the two rat characters in this book is that we must learn to maintain a balance between failures and success.

When these two rats got a big mountain of cheese, they were very happy but did not boast about it. His behavior was completely normal and only interested in eating his cheese.

And they were not upset when the mountain of cheese suddenly disappeared. Neither did they stop in his life or sit and cry! 

As we humans generally do after seeing some failures in life. 

Like before, they again started coming every day, searching for cheese and eating it. But they never stopped in their life.  

And this is what we have to learn from this story, that whenever we get a lot of success in our life, we have to be happy about it, but never show pride.

And if ever we have to face any problem in our life then we should not sit at one place and start crying but should keep moving forward in our life.

That is why it is said to maintain balance in your life between failure and success because it does not allow a person to break.

If you are not getting too sad in bad situations and if you are not getting too happy in happiness then you will become the most successful person because nothing will affect you in this world.

What Are The Real Life Examples Of The Book “Who Moved My Cheese”?

Real life examples that match the book “Who Moved My Cheese” can be seen in a variety of ways in your personal and business scenarios.

However, I have already told you all about real examples and experiences from my life that match anyone’s business and personal life.

But again I’m giving you a quick recap of real metaphors that you can learn from this book! 

1. You can learn how to stay motivated to accept the changes whether the change is positive or negative. 

2. How being too proud of yourself after achieving something can be harmful for you.

3. Never sit after seeing any failure in your life, stand up with double motivation and be ready to bounce back to success.  

4. You’re not the only one who faces obstacles when working on your career, business or anything else, but the important thing to remember is to work with unaffected consistency. 

FAQ – The 7 Most Important Life Lessons “From Who Moved My Cheese” Book

What Are The 3 Important Learnings From the “Who Moved My Cheese” Book?

The three important learnings of this book are – 

  1. Accept the new circumstances for your personal and professional growth.
  2. Tackle your fear with a positive mindset and don’t lose opportunity because of being afraid of something. 
  3. Be ready to grab new opportunities rather than sitting at one place and wishing for positive outcomes itself. 

What Changes Will I See In Myself After Reading “Who Moved My Cheese” Book?

You will understand how to be normal even in your worst situations. If you work with affected consistency, the chances of you doing anything good on a large scale in your life are less.


What moral lesson did you learn from this book?

Let me know in the comments so that I and others can gain different ideas or knowledge by reading your comments. 

However, the moral lesson I get from this book is to never stop doing hard work because without doing work with unaffected consistency, no one can enjoy the fruit of success. 

There were a lot of famous personalities around the world who gave us solid inspiration or reason to love failure.

My all time favorite inspiration is “Albert Einstein”. 

Why is he my inspiration? 

Because hardly anyone in the world would have seen as many failures as him. The courage to fail 9999 times is a very big thing.

Whenever I feel a little scared thinking about failures, I remember about Albert Einstein’s failures and then I feel so much charged.

You can also do the same thing. 

“Take inspiration from the failures of successful people”.

I hope that my experiences and learnings from this book will help you in every aspect of your life.

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