15 Best Symbols Of Resilience That Are Found In Nature

In today’s times, symbols of resilience play a very important role in people’s lives. The symbolism for resilience serves to inspire people or give them the strength and courage to overcome all obstacles. 

The best symbols of resilience are those that have lasted a long time and continue to inspire people even in difficult situations.

These symbols come from different cultures and traditions, but they all share a common message: no matter what challenges we face, we can overcome them. In this article we will talk about how symbols of resilience work to give strength and courage to deal with the hard time.

What Are The Symbols Of Resilience?

Before knowing the symbols of resilience, we will talk about what is resilience? Do you want to have a successful career in your life, be independent and have a balanced mental state in your life? If your answer is yes, then you need to develop the presence of resilience in your life. Resilience is the ability to adapt something, bounce back, and maintain mental, emotional, and physical well-being in the face of challenges, adversity, and setbacks. 

It is an essential quality that enables individuals to deal with the ups and downs of life with strength and perseverance. Resilience helps to view challenges as a positive opportunity to learn or grab something, improves decision-making and problem-solving skills. 

It also works in relationships development between individuals as we learn to communicate effectively. By developing resilience, we improve our ability to adapt to new changes and are ready to face the challenges ahead with courage and determination, so that we can have a more satisfying life journey.

15 Best Symbols Of Resilience That Are Found In Nature

Here I’m going to tell you the best symbols of resilience and their benefits.

1. Trishula

The Trishula Symbol represents the power of lord shiva’s, the three Gunas, and the cycle of creation, preservation, and destruction. Adopting the symbolism of the ‘Trishula’ can develop your spiritual growth, balance, and recognition of the cyclical nature of life, which provides guidance and strength in the face of challenges.


2. Turtle

In various cultures the turtle is a symbol of longevity, wisdom, protection and goal achiever. It represents patience, stamina and the ability to deal with life’s challenges. Adopting this symbol promotes inner peace, grounding and stability. It reminds us to move at our own pace while promoting a balanced and harmonious approach towards life.


3. Phoenix

Phoenix is ​​a mythical bird which symbolizes resilience, rebirth and renewal. It represents rising from the ashes after destruction, demonstrating the ability to overcome adversity and start anew. This symbol encourages personal transformation, creating a new version of yourself and strength to find hope in hard times.


4. Eagle

The eagle is a symbol of freedom, foresight and power. This symbol is associated with courage, strength, leadership and protection. Benefits include inspiring people to achieve new heights and serving as a symbol of divine guidance and wisdom in various cultures.

5. Lotus Flower

This lotus flower symbolizes spiritual awakening, purity, resilience and it is a symbol for perseverance. It emerges from murky waters to bloom unblemished, representing enlightenment and growth amid challenges. The benefits of the lotus symbol inspire inner peace, empower individuals to reach their full potential and overcome difficulties to enhance beauty. 

lotus flower

6. Oak Tree

Oak trees are a symbol of wisdom, stamina and power. It is associated with protection, longevity and is worshiped as a sacred tree in many cultures. The benefit of Oak Tree is to provide sustenance and shelter for various wildlife, To serve as a symbol of stability and ancestral roots, and to inspire people to face life’s challenges with fortitude.

Oak Tree

7. Helix/Spiral

The helix/spiral is a symbol of growth, continuity and development. It also represents the cycle of life and the initial journey of self-transformation. Benefits include personal growth, acceptance of new changes, a symbol of harmony between opposing forces. It also symbolizes the interconnectedness of all things, promoting a sense of balance and strong belief or connection with the universe.


8. Lion

The lion is a symbol of leadership, strength and courage. It represents authority in various cultures, often associated with protection, royalty, and security. The benefit of the Leo symbol is to be more brave and self-confident, creating a sense of pride and loyalty, and the energy of this symbol encourages individuals to assert themselves with honor and symbolizes a balance between power and benevolence.


9. Semicolon

The semicolon symbol represents resilience and hope; It indicates the end of the sentence, not the end. The benefits of semicolons include developing mental health awareness, a sense of support for people who are struggling, and celebrating their stories of perseverance and recovery.

 semicolon symbol

10. Wolf

The wolf symbol is a symbol of increment in wisdom, loyalty and intuition. The benefits of the wolf symbol are to develop the power of teamwork, inspire people to use their intuition, and handle challenging situations with flexibility.

symbols of resilience

11. Diamonds

The diamond symbol is a symbol of purity, power and long-lasting love. Benefits include commitment, developing clarity in relationships, inner strength, prosperity in various fields. This diamond symbol is the symbol of determination.

 diamond symbol

12. Bull

The bull symbol represents power, strength and resilience. It is usually associated with financial markets, representing upward trends to the market, which can lead to possible profits for investors.

 bull symbol

13. Monarch Butterfly

The Monarch butterfly is a symbol of beauty, personal transformation, and grace. This butterfly symbol is helpful to nature as it helps plants grow by spreading pollen. It also shows that our environment is healthy, so people can take better care of it.

 Monarch butterfly symbol

14. Maasai Shield

The Maasai shield is a symbol of courage, protection and cultural identity. It is traditionally used for defense in any type of conflict and represents the heritage and bravery of the Maasai people.

 Maasai shield symbol

15. Golden Fish

The goldfish is a symbol of abundance, wealth, success and good fortune. Its presence can bring happiness, positivity, prosperity in any person’s life. It also helps in improving financial success in your life.

 goldfish symbol


These are the best 15 symbols that represent strength and resilience that you can implement in your life and slowly you can see a huge difference in your mindset with the help of these positive symbols.

How To Use The Symbol For Strength And Resilience?

To use the symbol for strength and resilience, first, you need to understand its meaning and importance. Grab a strong inspiration from this by constantly reminding yourself of your inner strength during difficult times. Incorporate the symbol into art, jewelry or any of your personal items as a constant reminder of your ability to endure and overcome challenges.


Symbols of resilience come from places as diverse as East, West Africa, and Greece. They show how people around the world have the strength or courage to keep moving forward even in hard times.

These symbols remind us that we can adapt knowledge, grow in our life and become stronger in the face of difficult circumstances, no matter where we come from. We must remember that we have the power to face life’s challenges with courage and strong determination.

These symbols encourage us to be strong and move forward by seeing every challenge as an opportunity to become better.

FAQ – 15 Best Symbols Of Resilience That Are Found In Nature

Que1. What Is The Symbol Of Resilience In Nature?

Ans- The symbol of resilience in nature is the phoenix, a mythical bird that rises out of its ashes after being completely consumed in flames.

Que2. What Is The Japanese Symbol For Resilience?

Ans- There are many symbols in Japanese culture that represent resilience such as Daruma, Ibuki, Koinobori and Sakura. 

Que3. What Is The Greek Symbol For Resilience? 

Ans- The Greek symbol for resilience is the “Helix”. It is a spiral shape that is commonly found in nature in many different forms for example – galaxies, DNA and seashells. The helix symbol signifies strength, renewal and growth. It represents the ability to deal with and rise above all the challenges wisely.

Que4. What Is The Symbol For Perseverance?

Ans- The symbol for perseverance is the Lotus flower.

Que5. What Is The Symbol Of Determination?

Ans- The symbol of determination is the Diamond.

Que6. What Is The Symbolism For Overcoming Obstacles?

Ans- The symbolism for overcoming obstacles is the Mountain.

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