Super Blue Moon Meaning : A Sign Of Good Things To Come?

The night sky with glittering stars has always fascinated mankind, which develops the mystery and curiosity in our mind to know about. This super blue moon is a very mesmerizing sight that captures our attention. But is there more to know about? In this blog we will understand super blue moon meaning and talk about some queries that people usually ask. 

super blue moon meaning

Super Blue Moon Meaning

Before understanding the importance of the super blue moon we have to know what it is. The period of super blue moon occurs when three unique lunar events meet together and these three lunar events are – 

1. Supermoon 

A supermoon shows when the moon is at the nearest point to the earth on its orbit which is also known as perigee and this makes the moon more larger or even brighter in the night sky, and comes with a very shiny glow that captures our attention.

2. Blue Moon

A blue moon is specifically known as the second full moon according to the calendar month. This mesmerizing day occurs once every two to three years like the phrase “once in a blue moon”. 

3. Total Lunar Eclipse

A total lunar eclipse occurs when the earth starts passing between the sun and the moon which reflects a shadow on the surface of the moon. During this event, the moon starts to turn red due to earth’s atmosphere scattering sunlight and allowing only longer wavelength red light to reach the moon. Because of this red color, the moon knows its nickname Blood Moon. 

When these three elements come together, we see the wonderful sight of the super blue moon. But could this union of celestial events signal something deeper.

The Science Behind The Super Blue Moon

A super blue moon is a very attractive and interesting astronomical phenomenon that is inspired by the moon’s orbit and the position of the earth that is in relation to the sun and moon. 

There is not any scientific evidence that tells it directly impacts on human life or helps to know upcoming future events. Instead of this, it works like a reminder of the incredible precision and predictability of celestial mechanics.

Great scientists and experienced astronomers have abilities to calculate exactly when a super blue moon occurs, even if they give us exact dates and time beforehand.

Super Blue Moon 2023 Astrology

The super blue moon occurred on 30 August, 2023. It shows very rarely, that’s why it is a very rare astronomical event that specially happens when a full moon meets with a blue moon. Super blue moon in 2023 has been done on the festival of Raksha Bandhan in which it celebrates the connections between siblings.

According to astrology, super blue moon meaning is associated with the sign of pisces and it is a sign of water that is related to creativity, intuition and compassion. The super blue moon can develop these qualities in individuals so that they become more sensitive.  

The super blue moon can be a chance of spiritual awakening that helps people to connect with their intuition and to see growth in their life. It can also be the period of getting rid of past memories and starting fresh. 

Now here I share with you some astrological effects of the super blue moon meaning spiritual way in 2023 – 

  1. Increased your creativity and intuition. 
  2. It can heightened emotions which can be both positive and negative.
  3. It will help to let go of old thoughts or your previous life chapter.
  4. Help in spiritual awakening. 
  5. It can make strong relationships especially with siblings.
  6. Develop the courage to overcome life challenges.
  7. Finding new opportunities. 

Blue Moon August 2023 Spiritual Meaning

If you are looking for a transformative change in your life, then the august super blue moon time 2023 can be a powerful time. It is a time when you can shift your mind from negative into positive and start a new chapter of your life. The power of the super blue moon spirituality can connect you with your divine energy. 

Important ways to connect with the spiritual meaning of the August super blue moon. 

  1. Spend time in nature.
  2. Do prayers and meditation. 
  3. Start journaling your thoughts and feelings.
  4. Spend time with loved ones.
  5. Do the things that you can enjoy a lot.

I know this August 2023 super blue moon has gone but super blue moon time is different according to different countries. You can easily check the date and time of the super blue moon in your country. Then go outside of your home in an open environment or on the terrace. You can see this blue moon with a telescope also.

When Is The Next Super Blue Moon?

It is believed that the next super blue moon will occur on August 19, 2024 and It will be the third full moon in the astronomical summer of 2024. The classification of supermoons was coined in 1979 by a famous astrologer “Richard Knoll”. This refers to a full moon that is within 90% of perigee, which is the point in the moon’s orbit when it is very close to earth. A blue moon is recognized as the second full moon in a calendar month.

The super blue moon of August 2024 will be the first time since January 2018 that these celestial events will occur together. The next time this will occur is in the month of March 2037.

FAQSuper Blue Moon Meaning : A Sign Of Good Things To Come?

Que1. When Was The Last Super Blue Moon?

Ans- The last super blue moon shows on August 30, 2023. It was the second full moon in the month of August 2023, which is why it is known as the blue moon.

Que2. What Does the Super Blue Moon Symbolize?

Ans- The power of the super blue moon symbolizes the renewal and transformation of life. It is a combination of supermoon, blue moon, and lunar eclipse which inspires hope and introspection. It also encourages us to set intentions for personal growth and also reminds us of the beauty of the universe.

Que3. What Is The Blue Moon’s Spiritual Meaning In 2023?

Ans- The blue moon’s spiritual meaning in 2023 is related to rare opportunities for growth, reflection and transformation. Its spiritual meaning symbolizes a very powerful energy that motivates to release the past and accept the present reality of your life.

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