5 Side Effects Of Cord Cutting Ritual You Didn’t Know About

Cord cutting is a powerful and spiritual practice which is also known as cord burning ritual that involves releasing the energetic connection between you and another person. This may be done for a variety of reasons, such as releasing yourself from toxic relationships and experiences of the past, moving on from past trauma, or clearing away negative energy. By breaking these cords, individuals seek to create a new space for personal growth, development, emotional healing, and spiritual alignment.


While a cord burning ritual can be an effective way to heal yourself, it is important to be aware of all the side effects of a cord cutting ritual so that you are on your guard before any mistakes are made. In this article, we will know about the side effects of cord cutting and provide insights on how to navigate them.

5 Side Effects Of Cord Cutting Ritual

1. Emotional Turmoil And Heartache

A common symptom that many people experience cord cutting ritual is emotional turmoil and heartache. Breaking up with your ex or someone else, regardless of the nature of the relationship, can evoke a range of emotions. Even if you are confident in your decision to breakup with your partner, you may still feel a sense of loss or sadness. Maybe this person played an important role in your life, for example –

  • There was a time in your life that that person used to stand by you even in your sorrows.
  • You have spent the best moments of your life with him.
  • Your ex-partner was your adventure buddy and your supporter.

But now it may be difficult to move forward without them. To deal with these difficult feelings, try to engage in several activities that bring you pleasure and help you to get rid of de-stress. Whether it’s watching your favorite movie, going for a walk, or pursuing a hobby, find comfort in activities that lift your spirits and promote emotional healing.

2. Nostalgia And Grieving the Severed Soul

When you decide to end or break a strong connection with someone, it’s normal to feel sad and miss the relationship. Wise people have said that people come into our lives for a strong reason and serve a lesson or purpose, even if their presence was harmful. But this is the time where you have to lift yourself up by having the most courage to deal with the emotions that come with the ended bond. This is also an important part of the healing process and a chance to learn strong lessons and become stronger.

While it is important to honor and acknowledge your feelings, it is equally important to stand firm in your decision. Take some time to think about why you decided to cut ties, Do you think you’d be happier after a breakup, and remember that it’s for your own happiness. If you start having doubts, consult your higher self and try to meditate on the situation to gain clearer understanding.

3. Energetic Shift And Displacement –

After breaking up with someone in a cord cutting ceremony, you may notice distinct changes in your energy levels. These changes can be positive or negative and can bring about both good and difficult feelings. On the positive side, they can make you feel lighter and free from the stress and toxicity of relationships.  However, they can make you feel anxious, low esteem and uncomfortable as your body becomes accustomed to a new way of vibrating or feeling.

To navigate this energetic shift, include some mindfulness meditation practices  into your daily routine such as transcendental meditation, vedic meditation and deep breathing exercises. Try to engage in meditations, journaling, walking in nature, or any activity that helps you focus yourself. These exercises will help stabilize your energy field and promote a sense of balance.

4. Permanence Of Cord Cutting

It is important to understand that some relationships between people can never be improved in order to move forward by understanding the things of relationships in life. Before deciding to break up with someone, it’s necessary to think carefully about why you want to do so and what you want to achieve.

Just ask your inner self if you really want to separate from them permanently, or if there is any hope that the situation can improve with time and talking things through. Taking the time to give yourself proper rest, especially with the mind and reflection, and seeking guidance from your inner self, can provide you with valuable insight and help you make a thoughtful choice.

5. Physical Discomfort And Illness

It is important to understand that after breaking up with a person or situation, your body and mind may be suffering during the adjustment period. This adjustment is accompanied by physical discomfort or illness. The reason behind this is that your energy field, which encompasses your thoughts, feelings, emotions and overall well-being, undergoes a change.

As your energy field changes, your physical body needs time to align itself with these new connections or vibrations.  This process can make you suffer from various symptoms, such as fatigue, headache problems, body aches, digestive problems or mood swings. These are normal reactions to the energetic change you are going through.

When you perform the ritual of cord cutting, then it is not necessary that it will affect only you. It affects the other person just as much as you! That’s why people like to know before performing cord cutting ritual that how does cord cutting affect the other person and what can be the pros and cons of cord cutting ritual? To perform cord cutting rituals, people resort to cord cutting ritual kit like –

  • Cord cutting spell
  • Cord cutting candles
  • Cord cutting mantra
  • Cord cutting meditation  
  • Cord cutting ritual prayers

Note – These are the 5 side effects of cord cutting ritual that you have to know before performing this ritual 

How To Navigate The Side Effects Of Cord Cutting Ritual?

1. Before performing the cord.cutting ritual, keep your intentions clear for what you want to achieve. This will help you stay focused and grounded throughout the process.

2. After the ritual, it’s common to experience several emotions such as anger, sadness, or a sense of loss. Acknowledge these emotions as part of the healing process.

3. Engage in self-care activities that help you feel nurtured and supported such as spending time in nature, mindfulness or transcendental meditation, journaling, chanting gayatri mantra, or seeking support from friends, family, or a therapist.

4. Sometimes, a single cord.cutting ritual may not completely sever ties or permanently release energetic connections. If you feel there is still an emotional attachment, you can repeat the ritual or explore other healing methods to further your journey.

5. After a cord cutting ceremony, it can be beneficial to cleanse your energy field properly by doing things such as taking a salt bath, smudging with sage, using crystals, cord cutting spells or visualizing a white light cleansing your aura.

FAQ – 5 Side Effects Of Cord Cutting Ritual You Didn’t Know About

Que1. How Do You Know If Cord Cutting Is Working Or Not?

Ans- Signs that a cord-cutting ritual is working may include feeling of detachment, increased clarity, and improved emotional health.

Que2. Does Cord Cutting Work On Twin Flames?

Ans- Yes it works.

Que3. What Color Candles To Use For Cord Cutting?

Ans- There is no rule for cord cutting candles, you can use any color candle like white, red, yellow etc.

Que4. What Does Cord Cutting Mean Spiritually?

Ans- Cord cutting spiritually means the act of releasing energetic attachments or negative connections for development, personal growth and healing.

Que5. What Are The Symptoms After Cutting The Cord?

Ans- Feelings of liberation, empowerment, and increased independence.

Que6. Does Cord Cutting Ritual Work To Break Up Toxic Relationships?

Ans- Yes, it works to relieve stress free from toxic relationships.

Que7. How To Cut Ties With Someone Spiritually?

Ans- Set your boundaries, learn to detach emotionally, focus on self-care, practice meditation, include mul mantra in your life and be around positive people.

Que 8. Can I do cord cutting rituals for others?

Ans- Yes, with their correct consent and understanding of the intention and implications of the ritual, you can perform cord cutting rituals for others using cord cutting affirmations or meditation.

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