Understanding Right Shoulder Pain ICD 10 Before Your Doctor’s Visit

Are you aware about right shoulder pain ICD 10? Shoulder pain is a very common problem for people of all ages. This pain can have many causes and regular shoulder discomfort can be a sign of other chronic conditions. So understanding the ICD-10 code for right shoulder pain can be helpful to communicate effectively before visiting your doctor and receive more accurate treatment plans.

What Is ICD-10?

The ICD-10 (International Classification of Diseases, Tenth Revision) is a standardized medical classification system used worldwide to code and classify injuries, diseases, and other types of health conditions. Codes like m25.511 is an ICD-10 code which is used to diagnose pain in the right shoulder.” These types of codes help doctors keep all records of patients’ conditions, to guide them towards accurate diagnosis, and study health trends for research and public health surveillance.

right shoulder pain icd 10

ICD-10 Codes For Right Shoulder Pain

The right shoulder pain ICD 10 codes are found within the “S43” category, which covers all types of injuries related to shoulder joint such as sprains, dislocations and strains. The following are some of the typical ICD-10 codes your doctor may use to document and bill your right shoulder pain.

1. S43.401A – Unspecified dislocation of the right shoulder joint, initial encounter.

2. S43.402A – Anterior dislocation of right shoulder joint, first time checkup.

3. S43.409A – Unspecified posterior dislocation of the right shoulder joint, it’s also in initial encounter.

4. S43.411A – Unspecified sprain of the right acromioclavicular joint, initial encounter.

5. S43.432A – Superior glenoid labral tear or lesion of the right shoulder.

6. S43.459A – Other specified sprain of the right shoulder joint, its initial encounter.

Knowing the ICD-10 code for right shoulder pain can help you have a more informed discussion with your doctor about your specific situation, such as any previous injuries or past events and the severity of your discomfort.

Causes Of Right Shoulder Pain In Women

Right shoulder pain causes are –

1. Rotator Cuff Injuries

Women, like men, can experience rotator cuff tendon tears or strains because of repetitive movements, overuse, and sudden injuries.

2. Frozen Shoulder (Adhesive Capsulitis)

This type of condition can cause severe pain and stiffness in your shoulder, making it difficult to move your arm properly. Certain hormonal changes or certain types of medical conditions may increase the risk in women.

Some breast conditions like mastitis or fibrocystic changes can also be the cause of discomfort in the right shoulder area.

4. Bursitis

Inflammation of the bursa, the fluid-filled sac that supports the shoulder joint, can be caused by repetitive movements or injury.

5. Osteoarthritis 

Women have more chances of osteoarthritis, which can affect the shoulder joint and cause pain and loss of mobility.

6. Rheumatoid Arthritis 

An autoimmune disease that primarily affects women, rheumatoid arthritis can cause inflammation and pain in many joints, including the shoulder.

7. Cervical Radiculopathy

Compression of nerves in the neck can develop pain in the shoulder that radiates down the arm.

Preparing To See Your Doctor For An Evaluation Of Right Shoulder Pain ICD 10

Before your doctor’s appointment, must follow the following steps –

1. Document Your Symptoms 

You will need to note when the pain started, its intensity, duration and any activities that increase or decrease the discomfort.

2. Medical History

You must inform your doctor about any previous shoulder injuries, any type of surgery, or relevant medical conditions.

3. Lifestyle Factors

Be prepared to tell your doctor about daily activities, hobbies, and your regular exercise routine, as these may be contributing to your shoulder pain.

4. Questions

Maintain a proper list of questions that you have to ask your doctor about your condition, some treatment plans, and expected outcomes.


Understanding the ICD-10 codes related to right shoulder pain may inspire you to have more effective conversations with your doctor during your visit. You need to provide accurate information about your symptoms and past medical history to help your healthcare provider make an accurate diagnosis and create an appropriate treatment plan for you.

Always remember, an appropriate balance of early diagnosis and health management is key to a successful recovery and restoring optimal shoulder function. Hence you must speak to your health care professional for personalized advice and proper guidance regarding your right shoulder pain.

FAQ – Understanding Right Shoulder Pain ICD 10 Before Your Doctor’s Visit

Que1. What Is The Diagnosis Code Of Right Shoulder Pain ICD 10?

Ans- The diagnosis code for right shoulder pain in ICD-10 is M25.511.

Que2. What Is The Meaning Of Bilateral Shoulder Pain ICD 10?

Ans- Bilateral shoulder pain means when pain occurs in both shoulders and the code for this condition is M25.52.

Que3. What Are The Symptoms Of Right Shoulder Pain?

Ans- Right shoulder pain symptoms are swelling, weakness, stiffness and sharp pain in the shoulder area.

Que4. What Is The ICD-10 Code For Right Arm Pain?

Ans-The code of right arm pain ICD-10 is M79.60.

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