How To Use A Planet Fitness Total Body Enhancement? 

How would you feel if you had to stand in a machine and your wrinkles were reduced and you could see a difference in your fat? 

Absolutely, planet fitness total body enhancement machine works on this. So, if you are new then before using planet fitness red light therapy machine you should be aware about the benefits, pros and cons and side effects

What Is Planet Fitness Total Body Enhancement?

The planet fitness total body enhancement is like a booth or machine that is found in planet fitness gyms that claims to provide you several treatments which helps to improve the appearance of your skin and the whole body. In this total body enhancement planet fitness involves two factors such as red light therapy and vibration therapy.

Red light therapy at planet fitness helps to boost your collagen production and improves the skin elasticity as well as whole body texture. On the other hand, vibration therapy helps to stimulate muscles and increase blood circulation in your body. It can be a great way to look fabulous and enjoy rejuvenating skin.

How To Use A Planet Fitness Total Body Enhancement Machine?

According to the manufacturer’s guidance, you can use this red light therapy 2-3 times per week, just for 10-12 minutes over a period of 3 months ( 90 days ), and leave 24 hours between each session. Here is some guidance on how to use a total body enhancement machine.

  1. You have to remove all your jewelry that you wear.
  2. Should not cover your face with any cosmetics like foundation, bb creams and compact powder.
  3. Stand straight in the center of the machine during the procedure and do not touch anything.
  4. Most importantly, eye protection is must so keep your eyes close during this therapy.

Planet Fitness Total Body Enhancement Pros And Cons

Before using the red light therapy at planet fitness, you must know all the pros and cons of total body enhancement. So you can get proper benefits from this. However, It is believed that there are no health related cons to using this machine for radiant skin.


1. It is convenient for everyone to do and available at some planet fitness gyms, and it’s easy to do during workout.

2. It helps to promote collagen production and improve the skin tone or overall complexion. 

3. It helps to stimulate your blood circulation and muscles of your skin.

4. It is a very quick session that just completes within 10-12 minutes.

5. It helps to reduce stress.

6. It helps in burning fat, extra calories and prevents cellulite.


1. It is not suitable for women who are in the phase of pregnancy or those who are taking any kind of medicines.

2. It is available only for those who have black card membership.

3. It is not for those who are suffering from any injury or other condition.

Total Body Enhancement Before Or After Workout

Total body enhancement can be done before or after a workout, it depends on your needs and goals that you want achieve. Some people choose to take red light therapy sessions before their workout to warm up the muscles and improve circulation in the body. On the other hand, some people like to take this therapy after a workout to help in recovery. Lastly, you have to choose what works best for your body and goals.

Planet Fitness Total Body Enhancement Before And After Pictures

Here you can see the difference before and after using this red light theraphy machine.

planet fitness total body enhancement

Planet Fitness Total Body Enhancement Cost

The cost of total body enhancement is based on different locations but the average cost is around $21.99 per month that is really expensive for anyone. This membership is also known as a black card membership which gives you access to use unlimited total body enhancement sessions without paying extra cost.

Planet Fitness Total Body Enhancement Reviews

There are many reviews available in social media related to planet fitness red light therapy. Some people see miraculous improvements in the skin tone, reduce darkness, improve complexion, reduce pain and inflammation after using the machine regularly. However, the results may depend on person to person. Don’t think that this machine can work as a substitute for a healthy diet and exercises because it is important to happen by individual. It is just a machine that works on your problems to treat.


If you want to get in shape, reduce wrinkles, get rid of pain, body inflammation without botox treatment and also want to achieve younger looking skin then this red light therapy at planet fitness can be a great choice. However, it is beneficial for those who have a black card membership. Before starting this wonderful therapy, you can get some awareness through reading reviews on social media to increase your confidence. Then you can get all the advantages.

FAQ – How To Use A Planet Fitness Total Body Enhancement? 

Que1. What Does The Total Body Enhancement Do?

Ans- Total body enhancement at planet fitness is a machine that uses red light therapy and vibration therapy that works to enhance your skin appearance and gives you a more youthful skin.

Que2. Does Planet Fitness Total Body Enhancement Work?

Ans- Yes, it’s absolutely work and it gives positive results on your skin and body.

Que3. Does Planet Fitness Total Body Enhancement Work In Calories Burned?

Ans- Yes, it helps somewhere to burn your calories but it can not be the primary method of your weight loss.

Que4. Do You Wear Clothes In The Total Body Enhancement At Planet Fitness?

Ans- Yes, you should definitely wear comfortable exercise clothes because that is a public area so you have to maintain your proper hygiene.

Que5. Can Total Body Enhancement Cause Cancer?

Ans- No, total body enhancement can not be the cause of cancer. It is a very effective method to tone your skin and muscles in an easy way.

Que6. Do You Need Eye Protection In Total Body Enhancement?

Ans- Actually the lights are very bright that can create discomfort for the eyes that’s why eye protection is required. You can simply close your eyes for 10-12 minutes.

Que7. What Are The Total Body Enhancement Benefits?

Ans- The benefits of total body enhancement is to reduce uneven skin tone, increase blood circulation, reduce stress, pain, inflammation and help in burning calories.

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