7 Important Negative Side Effects Of Earthing

Do you know about the negative side effects of earthing? If you want to incorporate earthing practice into your lifestyle, then it is important for you to know about its positive benefits and negative side effects. The more beneficial something is, the more harm it causes to our body. Although the idea of ​​reconnecting with nature and absorbing the energy of the earth may sound appealing, it is important to recognize that there are two sides to every coin. 

Some people feel worse after earthing and some feel relaxed. So it’s important to be aware of all the earthing mat dangers. In this article we will know the benefits of grounding and talk about the negative side effects of earthing that you should know before trying this ancient practice.

Negative side effects of earthing

What Is Earthing?

The Earthing practice is also known as “grounding” involving walking barefoot on grass and the surface of the earth. It has gained immense popularity as an amazing alternative wellness technique for our health. 

Earthing doctors suggest that maintaining direct physical contact with the Earth’s surface can improve individual sleep, reduce stress, and inflammation. The natural electrical charge of earth provides a healing effect on the human body that helps to balance its bioelectrical system.

How Long Should You Ground Practice Each Day?

There is no set amount of time to practice grounding each day, but 20 to 30 minutes a day of practicing barefoot on the surface of the earth can be beneficial for relaxing you and providing many health benefits.  When you get a little used to doing this, you can also increase your time.  

However, some people also make the mistake of thinking that if they practice grounding only for a few days or occasionally, they can get better sleep and get rid of back pain, but this is not true. If you want to get the benefits of a grounding mat, then practice it daily.

What Are The Benefits Of Earthing?

Earthing or grounding involves making direct physical contact with the Earth’s surface, and is believed to provide various health benefits. Here are some earthing benefits are – 

1. Reduction of Inflammation from your body.

2. Improves sleep quality and enhanced restorative effect during rest.

3. Earthing promotes relaxation and reduces your stress levels.

4. It can help to enhance the mood and gives you mental clarity.

5. It can help to reduce chronic pain or discomfort.

6. Earthing also helps to regulate levels of cortisol, the body’s stress hormone, contributing to overall stress management.

7. Earthing may help to boost your immune system and enhance your heart health by improving blood flow.

7 Important Negative Side Effects Of Earthing You Must Know

Earthing or grounding is considered a beneficial practice, but it is necessary to be aware of the negative side effects that have been studied or experienced. Here are 7 important negative side effects of earthing.

1. Electrostatic Discharge (ESD) Risks – Earthing can lead to a build-up of static electricity, which can cause an electrostatic discharge when you touch an electronic device or operate sensitive equipment, potentially causing damage.

2. Some Individual May Experience A Shock From An Earthing Mat – Earthing or grounding mats are conductive mats that you can use to practice earthing indoors. However, there is a slight chance of getting an electric shock while using a grounding mat. Usually this problem is likely to occur if you have an electrical source around or your mat is damaged.

So keep in mind that your earthing mat should always be in the right position and there should not be any electrical source around you. If you are pregnant or suffering from any condition, firstly consult your medical advisor before using an earthing mat.

3. Skin Irritations And Allergic Reactions – If people come in contact with certain earthing materials such as metal or conductive surfaces, it may cause skin irritation or allergic reactions in some cases.

4. Risk Of Injury And Infections – If you walk outside barefoot, individuals may be exposed to hazards such as broken glass, sharp objects or contaminated surfaces, potentially resulting in injury or infection.

5. Anxiety And Stress Triggers – Some individuals may experience increased anxiety or stress if they feel they are not grounding properly or are unable to practice earthing regularly. As your body becomes accustomed to the increased energy flow, you may notice some earthing detox symptoms. For example – headache, fatigue, skin rashes, allergy and flu related symptoms.

6. Mental Health Considerations – For people who suffer from anxiety disorders or other mental health conditions, earthing practices may exacerbate their symptoms or interfere with existing treatment plans.

7. Conflicting Medical Advice – The practice of earthing may not be appropriate during certain medical conditions or specific treatments, and conflicting advice from health care professionals can be confusing and potentially harmful.

Best And Easy Ways To Practice Earthing Safely

If you want to get grounding health benefits but there is a fear in your mind about some of its side effects then here I’m going to tell you some best ways to practice earthing safely.

1. Use Proper Grounding Equipment – Invest in some good grounding tools, such as grounding rods, conductive mats or grounding sheets, which are designed to safely transfer excess electrical charge to earth.

2. Check For Electrical HazardsBefore earth grounding, carefully inspect the area for damaged electrical devices, exposed wires and faulty outlets to prevent accidents from possible electric shock.

3. Start With Short Sessions – If you are a beginner in earthing, start practice with short sessions and when you start doing well, then gradually increase your time.

4. Wear Earthing Shoes – If you want a more comfortable and safe option, you can buy earthing shoes with a good conductive layer. Through this shoe, you can practice anywhere and anytime.

5. Use A Good Earthing Mat – Do proper research before using an earthing mat.  Read the manufacturing instructions carefully and you can also read some online reviews about grounding mat.

Can Earthing Be Dangerous For Us?

There are so many health benefits of grounding and there are two ways to connect with earth’s natural energy: one is using a special type of grounding products, which some people believe might have risks. 

The second and most common way is to make direct contact with the Earth’s surface and this is done by walking outside barefoot and allowing the electrons from the ground to benefit our bodies and promote healing.

So, earthing can be as simple as walking barefoot on the earth to feel its positive effects on our health. If you use an earthing mat properly then earthing can’t be dangerous for anyone. 

How Does Earthing Affect Our Body?

Earthing affects our body by connecting with the electrons of the earth, which helps to reduce the problems of inflammation and interact with free radicals from our body. These natural electrical connections can give many benefits to our health in many ways.

How Do I Know If My Grounding Mat Is Working?

Here are some steps to follow to check grounding mat is working or not –

  1. You can use a grounding tester.
  1. Place one probe on the mat’s grounding plug and the other on a known ground, such as a metal water pipe or grounding rod.
  1. Make sure the tester shows a low resistance reading.
  1. If the reading is high then understand your grounding mat does not function perfectly.


Earthing is a very profitable activity that is practiced by many people. In this process you have to allow your body to connect with the energy of the earth and there are different ways to do this. The most common method is to walk barefoot on the ground and soil, but there are some products available such as grounding mats or mattresses and grounding sheets that may help if you cannot walk barefoot.

These products are usually connected to earth or an electrical outlet, which may have a small risk of unwanted effects due to exposure to electric current or electromagnetic fields indoors. However, the good thing is that its advantages far outweigh the disadvantages. Overall, practicing earthing is a great way to effectively improve our health and overall well-being.

FAQ7 Important Negative Side Effects Of Earthing 

Que1. Is Earthing Legit?

Ans-  There is no proper scientific evidence about earthing energy. Although many people have seen its benefits on their health.

Que2. What Are The Grounding Benefits?

Ans– Earthing Or Grounding benefits are – improve sleep, reduce stress, inflammation and growth in wellbeing.

Que3. What Is Grounding?

Ans- Grounding is also called earthing, in which you have to walk on the ground with bare feet.

Que4. Does Grounding Your Bed Help?

Ans- Grounding your bed may help by connecting you to the Earth’s natural electrical charge, but there is no scientific evidence and more research is needed to confirm its benefits.

Que5. Are There Any Grounding Mat Dangers?

Ans- Grounding mats are generally considered safe for anyone to use, but they may pose some risks, such as electrical hazards and interference with medical equipment. In the pregnancy, talk to your doctor to avoid earthing danger from your life.

Que6. How Earthing Changed My Life?

Ans- It helps reduce my back pain, headaches, boost my immunity and improve my sleep in a good way.

Que7. Can Grounding Improve Gut Health?

Ans- The grounding and gut health connection work for some people. So yes, practicing grounding can improve our gut health.

Que8. What Are The Earthing Detox Symptoms?

Ans- Symptoms of earthing detox are – headaches, muscle soreness, Initial sleep disturbances and light -like symptoms.

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