Mul Mantra To Change Your Fate And Destiny

The Mul Mantra is also known as the Beej Mantra. It is a powerful and ancient mantra that comes from the Sikh tradition. It is believed that by using mul mantra anyone can change your fate and destiny.

Because chanting a mul mantra has the ability to change one’s fate and destiny and lead to spiritual awakening and inner peace.

Reciting the mul mantra can help people overcome obstacles, gain inner strength and connect with divine energy.


In this blog post, we will explore the meaning of mul mantra and know how can mul mantra to change your fate and destiny?

What Is The Meaning Of Mul Mantra 

The Mul Mantra is the opening phrase of the Sikh holy scripture, the Guru Granth Sahib. It is composed of 38 words and is considered to be the core foundation of Sikh spirituality. 

The mantra signifies the power of belief in the oneness of God and the interconnectedness of all things in the world. It represents a statement of unity and equality, emphasizing that all beings are equal or connected to each other and deserve to be treated with love, respect and compassion.

The first word meaning of the Mul Mantra is “Ek,” which means “one.” This word is repeated many times throughout the mantra chant, emphasizing the belief in the oneness of all things. 

The mantra is –

“Ek Onkar Sat Nam Karta Purakh Nirbhau Nirvair Akal Murat Ajuni Saibhang Gur Prasad Jap Aad Sach Jugaad Sach Hai Bhi Sach Nanak Hosi Bhi Sach”

This mantra describes the qualities of God very well such as his grace, his timeless nature, and his immense wisdom. It also explains the deep importance of living a spiritual, truthful and righteous life and serving others.

Mul Mantra is a powerful tool to transform your body and mind. By chanting the mantra regularly one can connect with the divine energy and create a strong bond with the power of the universe.

Why Is It Important To Incorporate The Mul Mantra In Our Lives?

There are some reasons why it is important to incorporate the Mul Mantra into our lives.

Reasons For Including Mul Mantra

1. Helps Us Focus Our Minds – Mul Mantra can be used as a powerful tool to help us focus our minds and increase the power of concentrating on our intentions. It can help us to stay present in the moment, which can be useful for us when dealing with stress or anxiety disorders.

2. Promotes Self-awareness – Mul Mantra encourages people to become aware of their true nature and recognize the divine power within them. This can help develop self-awareness and self-discovery, which can be really essential in personal growth and development.

3. Promotes Unity – Mul Mantra encourages the oneness of all creation and reminds us that we are all connected to each other. Reciting mul mantra to change your fate and destiny can be very magical for any person who strongly believes in the power of this mantra.  Because by chanting this mantra you feel a very strong connection with God and cultivate a greater sense of unity and compassion towards others.

4. Promotes Spiritual Growth – Mul Mantra is associated with powerful spiritual tools that can help people connect with the divine. It can be used to deepen one’s spiritual practice and growth.


These are the 4 mul mantras to change your fate and destiny effectively with the support of God. After knowing about it, you must include it in your life to be free from stressful life.

How To Incorporate Mul Mantra Into Your Life To Change Your Fate And Destiny?

It is believed that by repeating the Mul Mantra regularly, one can change their fate and destiny, as it helps to align the individual’s energy with the energy of the universe.

Here are some important ways to incorporate the Mul Mantra into your daily spiritual practice for changing your fate and destiny.

Ways To Incorporate The Mul Mantra

1. Chant the Mul Mantra Regularly – You can start chanting the Mul Mantra in any place such as home, balcony and park. Sit in a comfortable place and repeat the mantra 108 times and you can use a mala or prayer beads.

2. Listen to the Mul Mantra – You can listen to a recording audio of the Mul Mantra while meditating or doing your other spiritual practices. There are many versions available on YouTube and other music platforms.

3. Reflect On The Meaning Of The Mul Mantra – You should also know the meaning of the mul mantra because when you chant this mantra and if you know its meaning then you will feel that this mantra works for you more deeply. 

4. Use The Mul Mantra To Overcome Your Obstacles – Whenever you are facing challenges or obstacles in your life, recite the Mul Mantra with the belief that you will get the solution to your problem very soon. It can help to shift your energy and bring you closer to the universe.


If you chant Mul Mantra daily with full devotion, then that mantra becomes your strength and gets absorbed in your life in such a way that the troubles going on in your life do not seem to be the cause of your troubles. Don’t just trust what I say.  Incorporate it into your own life and see its magical result to change your fate and destiny like me!

In the beginning, if it is a little difficult for you to chant the mul mantra, then instead of it, you can go with an easy mantra. You can pick up any of your favorite mantras from here (9 Tm Mantras To Increase The Power Of Subconscious Mind) and see its magical transformation in your life.

FAQ – Mul Mantra To Change Your Fate And Destiny

Que1. Can I Chant The Mul Mantra At Any Time?

Ans- Yes, you can chant this mul mantra at any time whether it is morning or evening.

Que2. Can both male and female chant Mul Mantra?

Ans- Yes, anyone can chant this mantra, be it a woman or a man.

Que3. Daily Chanting Of The Mantra Really Change Our Fate And Destiny?

Ans- Yes, mul mantra has the unconditional power to change your fate and destiny. The only condition would be that you should do it daily with all your faith.

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