How To Find A Partner For Marriage Of Convenience?

A marriage of convenience is a marriage that people choose for specific reasons, cultural beliefs, and their personal situations. It is a different type of marriage from normal marriages as it involves certain conditions and is not based on love. However, this type of marriage creates some serious problems in relationships and may affect your marriage life. In this article we will talk about this interesting concept and know how to find a partner for marriage of convenience.

What Is Considered A Marriage Of Convenience?

Marriage of convenience refers to a marriage that takes place for practical reasons rather than love or any emotional attachment. This type of marriage is usually done to obtain some specific benefit, for example – long life financial security, legal rights, immigration benefits and to manage social status.

marriage of convenience

In this type of relationship the partners do not have a real romantic or emotional connection with the partner and may agree to the association only to meet their own needs or objectives. There is no guarantee for how long a relationship is balanced without love for a long life time.

Marriage Of Convenience Examples

In some cases, people agree to a marriage of convenience so that one person can relocate to another country where their spouse lives. These types of marriages are considered illegal and fraudulent in some countries or by jurisdiction. Here are some crucial examples of marriage of convenience that you must know.

1. Inheritance Or Property Rights

A person can marry someone to claim ownership of property, be it a house and a plot.

2. Employment Benefits

There are many government agencies that extract many benefits related to marriage.  And to get all these employment related benefits people decide to get married.

3. Immigration Purposes

Many people decide to get married here so that they can go to another country and take citizenship or permanent residency there.

4. Maintain Social Status 

Some people marry each other to maintain their social status in front of the world and to gain access to business or social circles.

5. Financial Benefits

A wealthy person may marry someone who suffers with heavy debts or a financial crisis to help improve their financial situation.

How To Find A Partner For Marriage Of Convenience?

I’m going to tell you some very common methods to find a partner for a marriage of convenience.

1. Online Dating Websites And Apps

There are numerous online dating websites and apps that work specifically to find partners for marriages of convenience. These marriage of convenience dating sites allow you to search for partners based on your desired choice, location, nationality, and other important criteria.

2. Marriage Broker Services

Marriage broker services are one of the other most popular options that can help you find a partner for a convenient marriage. These services usually charge a fee, but it can be a good way to find a partner who is serious about entering into a marriage of convenience.

3. Word-Of-Mouth 

If you know someone who is in a marriage of convenience, they may be able to help you find someone who is looking for a partner.

Before entering into a marriage of convenience it’s important to be aware of all the risks, advantages and disadvantages. These types of marriages can be difficult to maintain, and they may not be recognized by the authorities in your country. 

The biggest risk in this relationship is when you feel that your partner is as you have chosen but in reality it is not so. You have to make sure that you are entering into the marriage for the right reasons, so that you will not have to regret later.

Important tips for finding a partner for a marriage of convenience

1. Be Always Clear About Your Intentions  

When you are looking for a partner, make it clear that you are only interested in a marriage of convenience and that you do not expect love or any kind of emotional attachment from your partner. This will help to stay out those who are looking for a genuine relationship.

2. Be Honest About Your Expectations 

It does not matter what kind of relationship you are in, whether in a normal marriage or a marriage of convenience. You have to be honest about your expectations in your marriage, so that you never face trust issues in your life. This includes how often you can see each other, how you can split your finances and what happens if the marriage ends.

3. Do Your Due Diligence

Before you enter into a marriage of convenience, it is very important for both the individuals to do due diligence about their partner such as thoroughly checking their background and making sure they are not already married.

If you are thinking of entering into a marriage of convenience, it is important to carefully weigh all the risks and benefits.  These types of marriages can be helpful in some situations such as maintaining finances, becoming famous in social status and having a high authority figure, but they can also be very risky for the couples. So make sure that you are getting married for valid reasons and that you are fully aware of the possible future consequences.

Advantages Of Marriage Out Of Convenience

A marriage of convenience can provide a variety of benefits to the person involved in this type of marriage, despite the relationship being one of love and emotional attachment. Here are some important marriage of convenience advantages are –

1. Possibility Of Immigration 

An important advantage is the possibility of immigration and residency benefits in some countries. By marrying a person who has citizenship, the non-citizen spouse can easily get permanent residency or citizenship, which provides a path to a new life in a different nation.

2. Improve Financial Condition

Financial stability through a person is the second most important benefit of marriage of convenience. The financial position of one partner acts as a ladder for the other and opens closed doors to gain access to valuable resources.

3. Maintain Social Relations

Some marriages are done to maintain their social standard and to get opportunities to develop high standard social relationships.

Other benefits that involve these types of marriages like joint tax benefits, health facility, inheritance rights.


Marriage of convenience provides advantages like shared responsibilities equally for a secure lifestyle, But entering into it just for the sake of benefits may not make the relationship fulfilling and may have legal consequences if seen as cheating.

Disadvantages Of Marriage Of Convenience

Marriage of convenience disadvantages are – 

1. Lacking In Emotional Connection

If the marriage falls due to any particular reason or conditions both the partners may struggle to maintain healthy interactions, lack of love, emotional connection, intimacy and satisfaction.

2. Potential For Deception

This type of marriage involves dishonesty and hiding the things that can be the reason for trust issues and create so many problems in a relationship.

3. Feeling Of Incompatibility

Without a great emotional connection, both partners may feel many incompatibilities in their goals, personalities, values ​​which makes it difficult to build a strong relationship.

4. Emotional Distress

The lack of true connection or love causes individuals to feel emotional distress and loneliness.


It is important to consider these disadvantages before entering into a marriage of convenience, because this decision is for your whole life and your one wrong decision can spoil your whole life and well-being of both individuals.

Reasons For Marriage Of Convenience

Look here some very common reasons for marriage of convenience :

1. Business Improvement 

Some marriages are done to improve business eg: A woman marries the owner of the company and becomes a personal assistant.

2. Loneliness

In some cases, individuals settle for a marriage of convenience simply because they cannot find a suitable marriage for themselves and are afraid of being single for the rest of their lives.

3. For Other Benefits 

Individuals can be ready for marriage of convenience for several personal purposes whether its business, political factor and other financial issues. 

4. Child Rearing

Some marriages do not involve emotional bonding, the reason for marriage of convenience is to take care of the child and the reason can be anything like: first wife or husband has died and got divorced.

5. Career Growth

Yes, marriage is also possible for career growth. For example you make health care products in your company and the other person is already a health care doctor. So it is easy for both partners to pursue their careers.

What Is The Marriage Of Convenience Books?

Books on marriage of convenience include many interesting and enlightening stories of couples who want to get married, but not for love, but only for practical reasons.  These stories describe the reality of complicated relationships, legal challenges and emotional journeys as the characters follow their unconventional paths to find unexpected connections and often find true love.

Here are some books on marriages of convenience that you can read to raise your awareness.

  • Say Yes to the Boss by “Olivia Hayle
  • Terms and Conditions by “Lauren Asher”
  • The Kiss Quotient by “Helen Hoang” 
  • The Hating Game by “Sally Thorne”


There are many reasons for entering into a marriage of convenience such as financial incentive, fear of loneliness, responsibility of parenting and many more. However, the chances of such relationships lasting for a long time are very low. Always read marriage of convenience, advantages and disadvantages, so that you can make the right decision for yourself. You can not expect love from your partner as this marriage is completely based on certain conditions.

FAQ – How To Find A Partner For Marriage Of Convenience?

Que1. Is Marriage Of Convenience Legal?

Ans- Yes, it’s legal but it can be the reason for fraud or cheating.

Que2. What Are The Dating Sites Of Marriage Of Convenience?

Ans- Marriage of convenience dating sites is :, and

Que3. Is Marriage Of Convenience Harmful Or Bad?

Ans- Yes, marriage of convenience can be harmful, If there is any mean conspiracy in it.

Que4. What Are The Signs Of Marriage Of Convenience?

Ans- Marriage of convenience signs involves intention for immigration, lack of emotional bond, limited intimacy satisfaction and financial benefits.

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