Transcendental Meditation (TM) is a type of meditation where you learn to repeat a specific word or mantra and phrases.

And you keep repeating these words again and again until you make your goal attainable because of which you have come to do this sadhana.

And the purpose of coming to this meditation can also be to achieve inner peace and there can be a desire to get rid of stress.


Repeating mantras for transcendental meditation have a lot of benefits related to mental health, physical or spiritual health.

If you want you can learn this meditation with a certified Transcendental Meditation teacher, that will help you to guide properly.

Once you are able to learn this technique then you can practice twice a day for 20 to 25 minutes easily.

There are many benefits of meditation but as you go ahead you will find different types of meditation. And the benefits of those meditations differ from person to person.

In this blog I will tell you about transcendental meditation mantras list and their benefits. So that you too can get so much benefit from these mantras for transcendental meditation.

What Are The Mantras For Transcendental Meditation?

Mantras For Transcendental Meditation – Transcendental Meditation is a very effective form of meditation and it helps to reduce your anxiety, helps one manage stress levels, and even lowers blood pressure and other benefits to you.

The purpose of the Transcendental Meditation technique is to bring your body into a state of relaxed alertness.  Your body then feels deeply relaxed and your mind is in a very calm and peaceful state, but you are fully awake.

With the help of this meditation, you have the power to feel your consciousness and become fully aware of your thoughts. So that you can convert your negative thoughts into positive ones and come out of your stress or anxiety.

Now I’m going to tell you a transcendental meditation mantras list, so that you can choose mantras for transcendental meditation according to your need.

Here are some examples of Transcendental meditation mantras –

  • Om” – OM is a very traditional mantra which is used in Hinduism (means hindu culture) and Buddhism culture that is believed to represent the sound of the universe. The meaning of OM in Hinduism is a pure, real vibration or sound of the universe” in Hinduism, or this is the single vibration from which all other vibrations come.
  • So Hum” – This mantra means “I am that” in Sanskrit, and this mantra is used to help the practitioner connect with their true inner self and the universe. Basically this mantra makes a strong connection between you and God.

If you chant this mantra regularly you can see improvement in your focus, concentration power, clarity and much more.

  • Aham Prema” – This mantra signifies self love which means “I am divine love” and is used to obtain the feelings of love and compassion towards oneself and others.

In today’s time an individual avoids his self worth, unknown about self love, self respect and if you can not love yourself then how can you expect to love or respect someone else.

  • Om Shanti” – The word “shanti” is used in this mantra which signifies “peace be with you” and is generally used to improve feelings of inner peace and calmness.

Those who have a feeling of stress and anxiety, feeling of loneliness then this mantra gives you the satisfaction of inner peace.

  • HamSa” – This mantra motivates you to live your life in the present moment and it means “I am that I am” and the HamSa mantra is used to promote self-awareness and connect with the present moment to you.

Remember that the benefits or effectiveness of all these mantras will depend on personal preference and individual experience, so it’s very important to choose a mantra very wisely that resonates with you and feels more relaxing or comfortable to use during your TM mantras practice.

Infact, Maharishi Mahesh Yogi was also an Indian teacher or guru and famous for Transcendental Meditation ( TM mantras). Because this meditation has several benefits.

There are many TM Sidhi programs that people join to learn more of these meditation techniques and enjoy the relaxation exercises. And the fees for the TM Sidhi program are in different categories.

How Do Transcendental Meditation Mantras Work?

The use of a mantra is not unique to TM mantras, which means using mantras is not a big deal, but in what way should mantras be used so that you get its full benefits. It is very important to know that.

Mantra is not used as a center of concentration or as a means to control your unnecessary thoughts. 

Instead, it is used as a perfect vehicle for the mind to move beyond the superficial level of conscious thinking and experience the deeper levels of the mind, where a sense of inner peace and calm can be found a bit easy.

During Transcendental meditation mantras practice, the mantra is repeated silently in the mind for 20-25 minutes, twice a day, while sitting comfortably with eyes closed.

So this is the way- how transcendental meditation mantras work for your overall health and wellbeing.

What Is Different About Transcendental Mantras?

Transcendental Meditation Mantras are unique as they are specially selected for each individual by an experienced trained teacher as per their requirement based on their individual characteristics and needs.

You should never share your mantras with anyone. Transcendental meditation mantras involve silently repeating the mantra to get calmness for the mind and achieve a state of deep relaxation and heightened awareness. 

By doing this practice, you will see many health benefits and this meditation is also considered very beneficial for increasing personal growth.

TM Mantras By Age And Gender

The mantra used in TM is selected by a trained TM teacher, according to the individual’s age and gender.

According to the TM organization, transcendental meditation mantras selection is usually based on a specific sound or some vibration that is most suitable for the individual’s age and gender, and that helps to promote the process of transcending, or going beyond the deeper level of the mind.

But at the same time, it is important to note that there is no specific scientific evidence to support that different TM mantras are more effective based on age or gender.

What If I Get The Wrong Mantra? How Can We Be Sure The Mantras Work For Me?

It is understandable that you may use the wrong pronunciation of a mantra but it happens in very rare cases to choose the wrong mantra for yourself.

Because in Transcendental Meditation mantras you choose the mantra by your experienced teacher, so there is no chance of choosing the wrong mantra.

Some people ask if we chant the wrong mantra or use wrong pronunciation so there are any side effects of mantra chanting. However, There are never any side effects of chanting mantras. 

The simple thing is – If you pronounce the mantras correctly, you will see its benefits. But if you do wrong pronunciation, then you will not see its benefit.

Can I Pick My Own Tm Mantras?

It is not necessary that you have to take a mantra for yourself from a teacher or a guru.

But while choosing a mantra for yourself you have to keep in mind what is the main goal or objective and by which mantra you can get that solution of your problems whether it is related to your mind, health, spirituality or any other.

And if you are not satisfied with one mantra, then you can go with any other mantra as well, but it would be better to decide your mantras very carefully first.


Transcendental meditation mantras are based on specific sound vibrations that are generally used to aid in the process of transcending all types of thought and arrive at a state of deep meditation

You have to choose these TM mantras very carefully, And if you chant these mantras with full faith then you will have a powerful effect on your mind and body.

Overall, the daily practice of transcendental meditation mantras can be a very useful tool for those looking to grow their meditation practice and achieve inner peace and calmness.


Que1. What Is The Tm Sidhi Program?

Ans- The TM Sidhi program works to develop higher levels of intelligence, learning great abilities, creativity, and neurological efficiency. According to scientific research, it indicates that the TM Sidhi program cultivates a profound integration of brain functioning.

Que2. What Are The Examples of Transcendental Meditation Mantras?

Ans- Transcendental meditation mantras examples are – 
1. OM
2. Aing
3. So Hum
4. Shreem
6. Kirim mantra
And apart from these mantras, don’t know how many mantras there are which you can use for yourself.

Que3. Is Maharishi Mahesh Yogi Known For Transcendental Meditation?

Ans- Yes, Maharishi Mahesh Yogi is known for popularizing Transcendental Meditation mantras techniques (TM), which is a technique for promoting deep relaxation and reducing stress or anxiety levels.

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