Lipton Hard Tea Nutrition Facts : Sugar, Protein And Carbs Content

When we are looking for a refreshing and healthy drink then lipton tea comes to our mind first. But did you know about lipton hard tea nutrition facts and how much sugar or carbs it contains. I know lipton is a very trusted name and you feel you don’t need to read its ingredients list but remember people believe that brown bread does not contain all-purpose flour but this is not true. 

Brown bread also contains all-purpose flour, some companies use less amount of all-purpose flour in brown bread and some are high. Now maybe you understand better that before drinking any drink you must be aware of its ingredients. In this blog I will share with you everything about Lipton hard tea.

lipton hard tea nutrition facts

What Is Lipton Hard Iced Tea?

Lipton hard iced tea is a new variation of classic iced tea that incorporates alcohol. It is known for blending the traditional, crunchy taste of iced tea with a slight touch of alcohol, which gives a refreshing feel when you drink this. Lipton hard tea generally comes in four flavors such as lemon, raspberry, peach and half & half to provide good taste options for consumers.

Lipton Hard Tea Nutrition Facts Of Sugar Content

The amount of sugar in lipton hard tea may be different and depending on the specific flavors or brand of the drink. However, on an average 12-ounce (355ml) serving of lipton hard tea that usually contains about 12-18 grams of sugar.

Why is this important? 

Sugar works to add sweetness in the tea but consuming too much sugar can cause several health issues such as tooth decay, weight gain and also have chances to increase the risk of diseases such as heart diseases and diabetes. Pay attention to the sugar level when you drink any beverages.

Lipton Hard Tea Nutrition Facts Of Protein Content

Lipton hard tea contains very less protein. In a 12-ounce can, you will usually find less than 1 gram of protein. This shows that it is not a significant source of these important nutrients.

Why is this important? 

Protein is a very important source for repairing and building tissues in our body. Remember, lipton hard tea may not provide much protein, make sure you get enough protein from other food sources such as meat, beans, fish and dairy products.

Lipton Hard Tea Nutrition Facts Of Carbs Content 

Carbohydrate is a very important source of energy, and this carbohydrate is present in lipton hard tea due to the sugar which is used to sweeten it. In a 12-ounce can, you will get 15-20 grams of carbohydrate.

Why is this important?

Carbohydrates help to give energy to the body but remember consumption of too much carbs especially from added sugars, can be the cause of weight gain and other types of health problems. 

Table Of Nutritional Information For Lipton Hard Iced Tea 

Nutrient Approximate Amount
Calories120-160 kcal
Total Fat0 grams
Sodium0-10 milligrams
Total Carbohydrates20-25 grams
Sugars15-20 grams
ProteinLess than 1 gram
Alcohol ContentVaries

Lipton Hard Iced Tea Ingredients List

Here is a general ingredient list of lipton hard iced tea.


This is the primary ingredient which provides the liquid base for this drink.

Tea Extract

It is generally made from black or green tea leaves which work to give flavor to the tea.


In these beverages, use malt-based alcohol which is similar to that found in beer. The amount of alcohol content depends on the products. 


Sugar is used to increase the sweetness in the drink and the quantity of sugar in lipton hard tea is around 12-18 grams.

Natural Flavors

Flavors are added to increase the taste and smell of the beverages and it usually provides a specific flavor like strawberry, peach and lemon. 


Certain types of preservatives are used to enhance the flavor or maintain freshness like citric acid, potassium sorbate, sodium benzoate, caramel color and sodium citrate.

Sodium Hexametaphosphate

This works like a stabilizer which is used to prevent sedimentation.

Sodium Saccharin

A non-nutritive sweetener which is used as a substitute of sugar in some varieties.

Is Lipton Hard Tea Gluten Free?

Lipton hard tea is not gluten free. It is usually made from malt-base which is generally made from the gluten containing grain barley. However, the malt is filtered to reduce most of the gluten but it is not completely removed. Lipton hard iced tea does not complete this strict definition, but it’s still safe for those individuals who have gluten problems like celiac disease and sensitivity. 

What Happens When Someone Takes Lipton Hard Tea After Taking Alcohol?

If someone takes lipton hard tea after just alcohol or mix the tea in alcohol can give negative effects on the body. Alcohol is a depressant and caffeine is a stimulant, so both of these interactions can be harmful. Some harmful effects are –

1. Dehydration 

High consumption of alcohol with green tea is not good because they both are diuretics, which means they can create the problem of increased urination and possibly increase the chances of dehydration if enough water is not consumed.

2. Heart Rate Increase

The combination of alcohol and green tea may increase the chances of complex heart rates which can be concerning for those individuals who suffer with heart issues. 

3. Impaired Judgment

Despite feeling more alertness, the person who consumes alcohol with green tea has lost their cognitive skills and due to this they make poor decisions.

4. Risky Behavior

When someone consumes alcohol after lipton hard tea then they engage in risky behavior because they underestimate their intoxication level. 

Remember, avoid drinking with these two combinations because it can increase the risk of alcohol poisoning. Caffeine may have signs of extreme intoxication which will not be good for health.


Lipton hard tea is a tasty drink that gives you refreshment with a bit of alcohol. It comes in different flavors like strawberry, peach, lemon and half & half. Remember, green tea is really a healthy option to drink but don’t consume too much because it has sugar and other preservatives that can harm it somewhere.

FAQ – Lipton Hard Tea Nutrition Facts : Sugar, Protein And Carbs Content

Que1. Does Lipton Hard Tea Have Caffeine?

Ans- Yes, Lipton hard tea contains caffeine. The caffeine content can be different and it depends on the specific flavors. If you have any problem consuming caffeine then you can check the label for specific details of the flavors that you consume.

Que2. How Many Calories In Lipton Hard Iced Tea?

Ans- Lipton hard iced tea contains around 120 to 160 calories per 12-ounce (355ml) serving.

Que3. How Much Sugar Is In Lipton Hard Iced Tea?

Ans- Lipton hard iced tea contains 12-18 grams of sugar per 12-ounce can. This is equal to 3 to 4 tablespoons of sugar. 

Que4. What Alcohol Is In Lipton Hard Iced Tea?

Ans- Lipton hard iced tea is made using a high quality malt base that is completely filtered at least three times to give it refreshing and pure flavor.

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