What Is A Jacobs Ladder Piercing?

Jacobs ladder piercing is the type of piercings that men choose to do on their penis. Maybe it sounds surprising for some guys but it happens. The process of piercing involves creating a ladder-like pattern of piercing on the underside of the shaft. Some men believe that getting a piercing such as rings or barbells on the penis helps to increase their sexual pleasure. In this informational content I will share the knowledge about jacob’s ladder piercing on a man, piercing kit, pros and cons, piercing cost and healing time.

jacobs ladder piercing

What Is Jacob’s Ladder On A Guy?

What is a jacobs ladder piercing? Ladder piercings are done on genital area of men and it is the second most popular genital piercing after the Prince Albert piercing. This piercing trend was first introduced in the United States. Traditionally, Jacobs ladder piercing was performed especially for men who were not circumcised. In the past, ring piercing was usually used but nowadays barbells are very common or trendy to use.

Here’s how it works: The process of piercing is done from side to side through the skin, just below the head of the penis.

Experts use barbells piercing on the penis to give the piercing line that looks like a ladder that’s why it is called ladder piercing. You can choose the quantity of barbells according to you but it is considered to choose three of them and If you choose less than three barbells then it is called frenum piercing.

Jacobs Ladder Piercing Pros And Cons

Here are the important pros and cons of jacob’s ladder piercing.


1. Aesthetic Appeal

Some individuals believe that ladder piercings are very attractive and give a unique look on the penis.

2. Personal Expression

Like nose and ear piercing, Jacob’s ladder also allows individuals to express their personal style and creativity in their own way.

3. Potential Pleasure

According to some individuals, Jacobs ladder piercing increased sensitivity and sexual pleasure due to the added stimulation from the piercings.


1. Pain And Discomfort

The process of piercing can be quite painful and create discomfort in healing time, especially when it comes to penis piercing.

2. Risk Of Infection

Piercing on genital area can develop the risk of certain infections because that is a very sensitive part of the guy’s body.

3. Sexual Activity

If you are just completing your piercing then try to avoid including it in sexual activity because it can create certain complications or may delay healing time.

4. Hygiene Challenges

Focus on maintaining proper hygiene after piercing because it’s crucial to avoid infections, which can be challenging given the location of the piercing.

5. Discomfort With Clothing

If you wear tight clothes or certain types of fabrics might cause discomfort or itching around the piercing site.

What Should You Know Before Getting Your Penis Pierced?

You should definitely know some important factors before getting your penis pierced :

  1. When your piercing procedure is complete, you are not able to sex atleast 5 to 6 months without any protection because it can harm your skin of genital area.
  1. The jewelry can come out if they are not placed correctly so make sure to get proper piercing with a professional piercer.
  1. You may get high bleeding through your penis after piercing and it may take 4 to 5 days to stop bleeding completely. So make sure to always take sanitary napkins with you to stay away from stains.

Jacobs Ladder Piercing Healing Time

The healing time for Jacob’s ladder piercing is dependent on person to person but it usually takes 7-8 weeks for initial healing. However, full healing can take several months or a year. Following aftercare instructions plays an important role in your healing procedure.

Jacobs Ladder Piercing Aftercare

After getting ladder piercing you should follow these steps :

1. You should clean the area with saline solution regularly.

2. Avoid sexual activity for 5 to 6 weeks.

3. Wear loose underwear.

4. During sex use protection otherwise you may feel bleeding or other issues.

5. Notice signs of infection.

Jacobs Ladder Piercing Kit

Never use Jacob’s ladder piercing kit to get a pierce on penis at home because it can be harmful for that area. Piercing should be done by an experienced person in a sterile environment to reduce the risk of any serious complications and infections that can harm the genital area. If you are interested in getting Jacobs ladder piercing then you should visit a reputable piercing studio. They can give you proper information, guidance and also suggest you a safe procedure.

Jacobs Ladder Piercing Cost

The cost of ladder piercing is based on several factors such as your location, experience of the piercer and the reputation of the piercing studio. However, the average estimation can be expected around 50$ to 150$ or more. Remember in these charges piercing jewelry prices are not included. You have to pay extra charges for jewelry and the jewelry price depends on the design and material.

Jacobs Ladder Piercing Reviews

Reviews of jacob’s ladder piercing can be different from person to person. Some people have a positive experience and this 

ladder piercing gives satisfaction and a different look. Whereas, some individuals feel discomfort during the healing time or face some challenges in daily activities.

Remember, everyone’s body reacts differently to get piercing, strength to tolerate pain, healing time, discomfort and overall experience may be differ. If you are interested in jacob’s ladder piercing then you should definitely research properly, take proper guidance to the piercer and make a healthy decision for you according to your comfort level. Reading reviews of ladder piercing can give you insight, but personal experience may be different.


Jacobs ladder piercing meaning a series of piercing that complete below the penis that provide a unique look. But it’s very important to take care of yourself after piercing to prevent certain complications. Cleaning regularly, avoiding sexual activity and monitoring signs of infection are crucial to stay away from risk. You should consult a professional piercer to clear your doubts and enjoy a satisfying piercing experience.

FAQ – What Is A Jacobs Ladder Piercing?

Que1. How Does Having This Jacobs Ladder Piercing Affect Someone’s Sex Life?

Ans – Yes, somewhere this ladder piercing can affect sexual life, possibly providing some advance stimulation for both partners. However, for initial treatment you have to avoid sex for atleast 5 to 6 months.

Que2. Does A Person’s Anatomy – For Example Penis Size – Affect The Way Penetration Is Performed?

Ans – Yes, a man’s anatomy including the penis size, can affect the way of penetration. Several factors such as girth and length can affect the comfort and provide some good sensations for both partners during sexual activity.

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