Is Dramamine Safe In Pregnancy? 

Is dramamine safe in pregnancy? Females who are pregnant think a lot about this question. Pregnancy period of around 9 months is a very exciting and transformative journey for women. However, in this period women’s face some challenges of body discomfort such as nausea, vomiting and mood swings. 

But one medicine that is usually recommended by doctors to reduce the symptoms of nausea and vomiting is “Dramamine”. The question arises, is dramamine safe for pregnancy? Don’t worry. In this blog we will know all the risks and benefits for taking dramamine during pregnancy.

is dramamine safe in pregnancy

What Is Dramamine? 

Dramamine is a medicine that is generally used to treat nausea, vomiting and motion sickness. It is also known as the name of dimenhydrinate. Dramamine works by affecting some receptors in the brain to help prevent all these symptoms. Some women experience the symptoms of nausea in the first 12 weeks of pregnancy and other women’s experience the symptoms of vomiting which can create so much discomfort in the body. To get rid of this discomfort womens choose to take dramamine.

What Are The Benefits Of Dramamine?

Dramamine works to give relief from various body discomfort. It is primarily known for reducing the symptoms related to motion sickness such as nausea, dizziness and vomiting. 

Some individuals feel uncomfortable or uneasy while traveling in cars, airplanes, boats and other modes of transport. So in this situation people choose to take dramamine to get relief from these sensations. 

Some types of dramamine makes you feel sleepy which can be good for those who are facing the problem of insomnia and unsleepiness. But you should be cautious taking this medicine because it can make your mouth dry and your eyes a little bit blurry. For pregnant womens it’s crucial to consult a doctor to get this medicine.

Dramamine Side Effects 

Here are some side effects of dramamine – 

  1. Some dramamine consumption makes you feel very sleepy and tired. 
  1. You may notice that your mouth is getting dry, like you’re very thirsty. 
  1. If you do regular consumption of dramamine then you may gradually notice your eyes feel blurry.
  1. When you take dramamine you may feel dizzy, like the whole world is spinning.
  1. Sometimes, it makes it difficult to focus on work and think clearly.
  1. Sometimes, you may feel your heartbeat fast or slow.

Remember these side effects are temporary and it will go away on its own. But if you are pregnant then you can not create any complications. You should consult your doctor before using this medicine.

Is Dramamine Safe In Pregnancy? 

It is very important to clear your doubts about any medicine, especially for pregnant womens. Related to dramamine, womens have many questions such as – Is dramamine safe in first trimester, is dramamine bad for pregnancy, can I take dramamine while pregnant for morning sickness. 

Now move onto the answers, the safety of using dramamine during pregnancy is a subject of discussion and caution. Dramamine is classified as a category B medication by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, which means that animal studies have not shown any serious risk but comparatively they have limited human data. 

Some doctor’s may recommend using dramamine if you have a serious vomiting or nausea problem. You should take this medicine if other medicines do not work to treat your condition. However, some doctors do not recommend using this medicine because it gives temporary relief and makes you more sleepy and tired which is not good for some individuals. If you intake this medicine with the doctor’s guidance it will be safe for you. 

Is Dramamine Safe In the First Trimester?

You can take dramamine in the first trimester but make sure to consult the doctor because this medicine has some side effects that may become more harmful for some pregnant women

How Often Can You Take Dramamine While Pregnant?

According to the doctor’s guidance dosage of dramamine for nausea or vomiting while pregnant is 25mg to 50mg every four to six hours as required. Remember, do not consume more than 150 mg in a 24 hour period. It is crucial to note that this medicine can give you some side effects such as tiredness, feeling more sleepy, blurred vision and constipation. But these side effects are usually temporary and it has gone on its own way.

Can You Take Non Drowsy Dramamine While Pregnant?

There is not any drowsy dramamine type of thing. The main ingredient is dramamine which is also called dimenhydrinate. All types of antihistamines can be the cause of drowsiness, even those that are marketed as non drowsy. Dramamine is usually considered safe for pregnant women to get rid of short term conditions. 


If you are in your pregnancy period or going to be pregnant then before taking dramamine or any other medicine you should ask your doctor. Some medicines have some side effects that you may not be aware of and if you consume without permission of the doctor then it can harm your body and your upcoming baby. 

If you want you can check dramamine pregnancy reviews on the internet for your awareness. Some womens take dramamine while pregnant for morning sickness but remember do not consume this on a regular basis.

FAQ – Is Dramamine Safe In Pregnancy? 

Que1. Can You Take Dramamine When Pregnant?

Ans- You should consult your doctor whether you can take dramamine or not because it has some side effects that can be harmful for pregnant women’s bodies.

Que2. I Took Dramamine While Pregnant. Is It Affecting My Baby?

Ans- No, you don’t need to worry at all, rather you should tell your doctor about this medicine so that they can guide you properly whether you can take this or not. If you take 1-2 doses of this medicine then don’t worry about it for your baby.

Que3. Is Dramamine Safe In Early Pregnancy?

Ans- Yes, it can be safe in early pregnancy but under the guidance of a doctor.

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