How To Stop Thinking About Something That Gives You Anxiety?

What happens to you when you can’t stop thinking about something, especially the things that bothers you? Like arguments with a special one or any family member, past memories, toxic relationships. Overthinking is a very big problem in today’s time, which people do not talk much about. 

But there are many questions that bother people, for example – how to erase memories from the brain, how to not think about something, how to get your mind off something, how to forget about something, how to stop thinking about something permanently.

How to stop thinking about something

These questions do not end here. Don’t know how many questions are in people’s minds related to overthinking. This overthinking problem provokes anxiety and stressful thoughts. Anxiety can come in various ways and it can make our simplest task feel like insurmountable challenges. In this article we will find the best way to clear your mind, share some effective steps and thought stopping techniques that help you deal with it.

Why Does My Brain Never Stop Thinking?

Constantly thinking of the brain is a natural process that never stops permanently because it is a command center of the body that is responsible for processing information, controlling your body functions, and regulating responses to the outside world. It is a kind of cycle of generating thoughts, emotions, and perception even when you are not consciously aware of it.

But we all have felt it once in a while that our thoughts get stuck in our mind and we cannot stop thinking about that thing even if we want to. But sometimes this type of thinking is called rumination and in this process people repeat their same thought again and again. 

However, long-term rumination can be harmful for anyone who thinks a lot and may be a sign of troubling mental health conditions such as anxiety, depression, depressive disorder and obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD).

People who suffer with OCD have intrusive and unwanted thoughts that are called obsessions, which are very disturbing to them. For example, The person who has the problem of OCD and while driving they repeatedly bring the same thought in his mind that no one should get hurt and the same thing happens again later. This is a chronic rumination, and it’s important to get treatment for OCD to prevent symptoms from getting worse.

How To Stop Thinking About Something That Gives You Anxiety? Step-By-Step Guide

Here I’m going to tell you the best ways to stop thinking negatively and be conscious while you think about something.

Step 1 – Mindfulness Meditation

Mindfulness meditation is a practice that has been going on for centuries and people have many benefits related to mental health such as reducing stress, anxiety, chronic pain and much more. During this practice, we train our mind to be aware of the present moment. So we will never be worried about the thoughts of the past or future.

  • Sit in a comfortable place and close your eyes for a while.
  • Focus on your breathing 
  • Thoughts will come again and again but you don’t have to pay attention to them. Just focus on your breath.

Step 2 – Reframe Your Thoughts

Reframing your thoughts is a mindful strategy that is also used in cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT). If you want to know about how to get your mind off something then reframing your thoughts is the best way to deal with this. It involves changing your way of thinking or looking at things in a positive way.  For example – if you repeatedly think to yourself ‘I am a failure’ then you have to change it in a positive way like – ‘I can learn whatever I want to’.

Step 3 – Try To Find Out Reason Of Your Problem

If you are thinking too much about someone or something. This means that you have a problem with something and before solving any issues, you have to analyze that problem or you have to know what is the reason behind your worries? For example, suppose that you have a flight at 5:00 am tomorrow morning and you are getting worried again and again thinking that you may miss your flight and you could not sleep the whole night thinking the same thing. It simply means that you are creating the worst situation of ruminations for yourself.

Step 4 – Write Down Your Thoughts

When such thoughts are coming to your mind again and again, then they are troubling you a lot. At such times it is very good that you can discuss this with someone close to you. But if this is not possible for you, then writing down your thoughts in a paper or journal can also be a way to stop thinking about the incessant thoughts. Once you write your negative thoughts on that paper and below that you write your positive thoughts and whatever negative thought you feel like you can leave or throw it.

Step 5 – Physical Exercise

According to research, if you do daily physical activity or some yoga asana and exercises can help in reducing stress, anxiety and cure other types of mental problems. Even doing any physical exercise can reduce your rumination problem. So if you keep worrying or thinking about something then start working on healing yourself.


These are the 5 important steps or ways to stop thinking negatively and if you start to follow these steps you will see a huge difference in your thought patterns and you feel much lighter in any kind of situation. 

What Are The Thought Stopping Techniques?

Thought stopping techniques are effective strategies through which you can stop bringing up your unwanted and distressing thoughts. You can reduce the frequency of negative and intrusive thoughts. A common technique is to say ‘stop’ or you can use a physical gesture (such as slapping your hand) to stop thinking negatively. This gives you a chance to rethink again in a positive way. Another way is to convert your negative thoughts into positive ones. These simple techniques can be effective in managing stress, obsessions, and other mental challenges.

How To Not Think About Something Or Someone?

When you only think about problems then this is common to ask yourself how to not think of something? Not thinking about someone or something is a little more difficult, but it is achievable if you use mindful strategies. First, try to engage yourself in physical activity or exercise so that you can engage yourself in a positive task that can help stop the persistent thoughts about someone or something. Detachment is also a great way to let them go. This practice allows you to gain control over your way of thinking.

How To Get A Thought Out Of Your Head?

To get a thought out of your mind, try writing down your thoughts in a journal to release it or distract yourself with engaging activities. Practicing deep mindfulness meditation can help you gain the power to observe thoughts without becoming attached. But people who start thinking again and again, the chronic rumination increases in which you may need a medical consultant. 

With time and persistence, you can gain control and reduce the influence of thoughts on your mind. Practice asking yourself questions, because when we ask ourselves a question, we get an answer too. Here is a list of questions that you can ask to yourself –

  1. How to get my mind off something?
  2. How to forget something that bothers you?
  3. How to clear your mind instantly?
  4. How to train your mind to stop thinking about something?
  5. How to block a thought from your mind? 
  6. What to do when you can’t stop thinking?

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Que1. How To Stop Thinking About Something Permanently?

Ans- These are some effective ways to stop thinking about something permanently : Acknowledge the thought, shift your focus, practice mindfulness meditation and do not hold things in your mind, release them.

Que2. How To Stop Thinking About Something While Studying?

Ans- Create a study environment, set your specific goals, practice mindfulness, use the “10-minute rule”, and take short breaks to relax your mind.

Que3. How To Stop Thinking About Something Over And Over Again?

Ans- Part in physical exercises, do meditation, try to shift your thought, use physical gestures to remind your mind that you have to stop thinking negatively.

Que4. How To Stop Thinking About Something That Happened In The Past?

Ans- Practice forgiveness, Reframe your thoughts, convince yourself to forget about the past and start a new chapter of your life.

Que5. How To Stop Thinking About Something Disturbing?

Ans– You are having negative thoughts again and again. Instead of getting upset thinking that, you need to change those thoughts in a positive way. Accept the thoughts and release them from your mind.

Que6. How To Stop Thinking About Something That Bothers You?

Ans– Try to change the way of your perception, change negative thoughts into positive thoughts, write down your thoughts to analyze your problem.

ConclusionHow To Stop Thinking About Something That Gives You Anxiety?

You can use several effective strategies to stop thinking about something by creating your own thought stopping techniques. We ourselves are the cause of our problems, but we keep finding fault with people or things around the world and thinking about it, we never reach the solution. If we are the cause of the problem, then the solution is also hidden within us. 

You don’t need to turn off your brain at that time. It’s just our way of seeing. So start accepting the situation and ask yourself how do i stop thinking about something, why can’t i stop thinking about something or someone and try to find solutions to your problems without depending on others.

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