How To Make A Girl Squirt In The Right Way?

Do you also wanna be interested in how to make a girl squirt? If you see squirting for the first time whether in real life or any adult movies then it can be a little bit shocking for you. But definitely you may be thinking that what is this and why this excites you? It is believed that during intercourse releasing squirt is a sign of partner satisfaction but is this really true? In this blog I will share with you the right knowledge about squirting and know how to make a girl squirt.

how to make a girl squirt

What Is Squirting?

In simple words, girl squirting is also known as ejaculation, which occurs when fluid comes out (ejected) from the urethra during sexual activity or orgasm in some females. This fluid is totally different from the urine and the process is comes from the Skene’s gland, which usually known as 

“G-spot” and “female prostate”.

Some people believe that squirting is a pleasurable, sweet and exciting moment of sexual activity that shows your partner feeling satisfied with the way of your love, whereas others may not experience this moment at all. But remember all female’s bodies are different so it’s not necessary for all females to experience squirting.

How To Make A Girl Squirt In The Right Way?

According to the studies not everyone enjoys this moment. Some people didn’t like the sensation of squirting, felt ashamed or uncomfortable during sex, while others enjoyed it most. So it’s your responsibility to ask yourself why you want to make your partner squirt, is this also her choice. You can simply ask your girl about this and if she is interested then you can do this.

1. Prepare Yourself

Make sure to hydrate your body. You should wash your hands and cut your nails because you can use your fingers, so your partner will be safe from the scratches. This experience can be a little bit messy so be prepared with a large towel or blanket. After completing, you can easily wash this blanket. But it’s totally your choice if you are comfortable in bed without a towel or blanket then you can go with this.

2. Do Not Take Pressure

When it comes to squirting, then you should enjoy the moment instead of thinking about the outcome. Pressuring yourself to squirt her while sex can be frustrating for both of them. Instead of thinking about this, both of you enjoy the moment because the important thing is you both spend a great time together.

3. Start Off Very Excited

You can start with the excitement of your partner, it helps to give a hint to your partner to be ready to achieve a pleasurable experience. Excitement increases blood flow in some areas of the body and stimulates the production of fluid which makes the thing more sweet and pleasurable. Everyone likes to turn on in a different way such as touching certain areas of the body, kissing, dirty talk and other different types of activities. 

4. Vaginal Stimulation

When it comes to squirting, everyone has a different taste. Some people like direct touch on G-spot and some like gentle clitoral stroke. Some people squirt even without any touch. So talk with your partner and try different ways to enjoy. For stimulation of G-spot you can use fingers or toys but remember to always ask your partner first because vagina is a very sensitive part so before using any toy ask your girl.

5. Last Step Of Satisfaction

If you hear a certain sound like a splash! Then it means your girl is wet and able to squirt. Some people with vulvas feel like they need to pee before squirting because it also comes from the same place. You have to understand the sign that your partner just started ejaculating, just focus on touching the outside walls. 


These are some important steps that you should remember while your girl is squirting. Safety is most important so make sure to wash your hands before or after squirting your girl. First time squirting can create nervousness but once you get it done, you feel very relaxed. 

Is Squirting The Same As Pee?

Some people may confuse squirting as a pee because both come from the same place. However, squirt is related to different types of fluid that contain different stuff such as prostate specific antigen (PSA), which is usually found in the fluid from the prostate gland. Unlike urine sputum has different levels of certain things such as urea or creatinine. But the important thing is that squirting gives a great pleasurable experience for some people. 


How to make a woman squirt? Maybe you have curiosity to know why this occurs and what’s the benefit. So, It is found that squirting a partner increases the bond between them. Making a woman squirt can be difficult sometimes because it’s important to be aware that every woman’s body is different so don’t expect it from your girl if she dont want this. You can enjoy your sex without squirting also. Instead focus on the result of squirting, you should enjoy the moment with your partner that will be much better for both of them. So enjoy your body and feel comfortable whether a girl squirts or not.

FAQHow To Make A Girl Squirt In The Right Way?

Que1. How Many Times Can A Girl Squirt? 

Ans- There is no specific time because every woman’s body is different. Some women experience it several times or some may not experience it at all. But remember, it doesn’t matter to get pleasure squirt is important. It’s just a part of sexual activity that some women feel this or some don’t.

Que2. How To Make A Girl Squirt Fast?

Ans- There is no way for a girl to squirt fast because it can create discomfort or frustration. Your main goal should be to enjoy your sex period, not the process of fast or slow.

Que3. How Does a Woman Squirt During Sex?

Ans- If women have a G-spot stimulation, then squirting or female ejaculation chances are increased, which can cause fluid to be released because of sexual excitement.

Que4. How To Make A Girl Squirt Men’s Health?

Ans- Men’s health advice to focus on G-spot stimulation through the fingers or a soft toy, open communication, relaxation, and increase arousal or excitement. 

Que5. Is Squirting A Sign Of Partner Satisfaction?

Ans- Squirting is not alone the indication of satisfaction. There are many factors involved such as better communication, emotional connections and overall you enjoy your intimacy period plays an important role in partner satisfaction.

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