How To Get My Husband On My Side? Step-By-Step Guide

This is a very common question that most married women ask: how to get my husband on my side? Does it really matter for a husband to take wife’s side? Ofcourse yes, if you want to have a long term relationship with your husband then it’s really important to listen each other, give respect, have good understanding and a lot of things that you can do to get your husband on your side.

In the United States, around 45% of womens are not happy in their relationships because their husbands do not support them. In this blog I will share with you some important steps that you can follow to get your husband back.

How To Get My Husband On My Side

Understanding The Problems In Your Marriage Life

It is really difficult for any woman to see her husband taking the side of someone else. Before saving this relationship, you have to find the cause behind the problem in your relationship with your husband.

According to the research, lack of communication, disrespect, and misunderstanding can be the root cause of the marriage life problem. 

Your relationship may be disturbed because of misunderstanding and unresolved conflicts. So better communication plays a main role in healthy relationships. In addition, It’s important to understand your husband’s love language so you can identify their emotional needs. It can help to build your partnership in a healthy way.

How To Get My Husband On My Side? Step-By-Step Guide

Here I’m going to tell you some important steps, if you deeply understand this then you can definitely get your husband on your side.

Step1 – Give Priority Your Husbands Needs

You should start to keep attention on your husband’s needs by maintaining a list of what he likes or dislikes. Avoid those habits or things that your husband doesn’t like and start focusing on the things that he loves most. You have to see things from his perspective and when you do that, you will definitely see changes in your husband. You can prepare a favorite meal for him with a candle light dinner setting which catches his attention to you.

Step2 – Through Self Love Practice Get Your Husband On Your Side

The simple meaning of self love is that you have to give priority, respect and understand yourself first then you can expect love from your husband. If you hate yourself then how can you imagine getting love from someone else. Try to show your love in different ways so that he can understand how special I’m to her. Don’t think negatively like “does my husband love me or not”, “will he ever be able to come to my side”. 

Just focus on expressing your love in a way that he loves so much whether in words or action such as give him gifts, spend some quality time, physical touch and much more things. These positive actions will help you to get your husband on your side.

Step3 – Express Gratitude To Your Husband

When your husband understands your thoughts or emotions then express gratitude and show love. Let him know how much his support is valuable for you so that he will start to show support for a long time. Your simple actions of acknowledgement or gratitude improves his behavior and strengthens your bond.

Step4 – Praise In Front Of Others

If you start praising your husband’s support in front of family and friends then he can understand how much you love him or value their efforts. Your small effort can boost up your husband’s confidence and pride in his contribution. So start appraising your husband for good efforts, so that he will also want to be closer to you.

Step5- Try To Be Romantic 

Romance in a relationship is a very important or easy way to become your husband’s priority. According to research no love is work without romance between partners. You can plan romantic dates for him so that he can feel how special he is in your eyes.

Step6 – Working Together As A Team

If you work in a relationship as a team then you can increase the power of understanding and respect between both of them. Teamwork plays a very crucial role in getting your husband on your side. Your communication should be effective and try to spend some time with your husband, know his goals, ideas and appreciate them. 


If you want to enjoy a happy and strong relationship with your husband then open communication is a must. If you have something in your mind then talk openly with him because when you start keeping things in your mind, then somewhere your relationship starts getting spoiled. Always support your husband during the hard times and try to show love, respect to him so that he starts knowing your worth.

FAQ – How To Get My Husband On My Side? Step-By-Step Guide

Que1. Why Is It Necessary To Get Your Husband On Your Side?

Ans- Getting your husband on your side improves trust, understanding and team work. It helps to strengthen your bond and makes it easier to deal with hard times. 

Que2. How Can You Approach Your Husband So That He Is Ready To Listen To You?

Ans- Choosing the right time or place to talk with your husband and try to express your thoughts in front of him very calmly. 

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