How To Do CBT Therapy At Home :Free CBT Therapy Guide

Would you like an inexpensive and easy way to do Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) to help with your thoughts and feelings? You will not need to look for it anywhere else. In this comprehensive guide, we will show you how to do CBT therapy at home, using the power of the internet and online resources. 


Whether you’re searching for “CBT therapy online” or “CBT therapy near me,” we’ve got you covered. Get ready to move on a transformative journey towards mental and physical health, all from the comfort of your own home and at absolutely without any cost!

What Is CBT Therapy?

CBT therapy is known as cognitive behavioral therapy and is based on the idea that our thoughts can easily influence our feelings, emotions and actions, and by identifying and changing negative or unhelpful thought patterns, we are able to improve our mental health and well-being.

In CBT, the therapist and the person work together to discover specific thoughts and beliefs that may be causing emotional problems or behaviors that are not helpful. By replacing these unrealistic thoughts with more accurate and balanced thoughts, people can experience a change in their emotional state and behavior.

Is CBT Therapy A Long-term Therapy Or A Short-term Therapy?

Cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) is usually a (short-term + goal-oriented) therapy. It specifically focuses on the present moment and helps people develop some practical strategies and skills to deal with their current challenges. And this therapy can include a variety of techniques such as thought record keeping, behavioral experiments, exposure exercises, and problem-solving skills.

CBT are helpful to treating a several mental health conditions such as –

  1. Depressive disorders , 
  2. Anxiety Disorders,
  3. Phobias, 
  4. Post-traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), 
  5. Emotional Eating Disorders, 
  6. Substance Abuse

Cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) for ADHD is a therapeutic approach that also focuses on helping people with ADHD identify and modify their thoughts, beliefs, and behaviors to better manage their symptoms and improve their life.

It is a widely used and evidence-based approach to therapy that empowers individuals to actively participate in their treatment and make lasting changes in their lives.

How To Do CBT Therapy At Home?

There are many techniques and strategies for free CBT therapy that you can practice at home to complement your therapy or as a self-help tool.

Steps Of CBT Therapy At Home

1. Understand The Basics Of CBT

Before diving into the world of cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), it’s essential to familiarize yourself with its foundational or basic principles. CBT therapy focuses on rectifying and modifying negative thought patterns and behaviors that become the cause of emotional distress. If you change how you think, you can develop good ways to deal with things that bother you and make your mind healthier.

2. Seek Out Free Online CBT Resources

There are a lot of useful resources on the internet for CBT therapy. There are many websites, blogs, and online communities that provide free CBT materials, worksheets, and guided exercises such as “Beck institute of cognitive therapy” and “Therapist Aid”. You can just search for an online CBT therapy course and start changing your life. Some reputable websites even provide interactive CBT courses that you can complete at your own pace. Search for terms like – “free CBT therapy online” or “CBT techniques” to find these resources easily.

3. Download CBT Mobile Apps

You can take advantage of the convenience of mobile technology by searching for a CBT therapy app. There are many apps designed to help people practice CBT techniques and easily track their progress. These apps generally include features such as guided meditations, mood tracking, thought challenging exercises, and effective coping strategies. You can look for apps like “CBT Companion” or “Woebot” to access CBT therapy on your smartphone.

4. Join Online CBT Communities

Meeting and connecting with those people who think and feel the same way as you can be a great helpful way to improve your experience with CBT therapy. You can join several  online communities or forums dedicated to CBT allowing you to connect with others who are also going through similar struggles and share valuable insights. Search for some social platforms such as Reddit, Facebook groups, or specialized forums using terms like “online CBT therapy community” or “CBT support group.”

5. Utilize Self-Help Books

Self-help books are another effective method for at-home CBT therapy. Many well-known therapists have written enlightening books that explain CBT techniques and provide step-by-step guidance. “Feeling Good” by David D. Burns or Dennis Greenberger and Christine A. See titles like “Mind Over Mood” by Padesky. These books can serve as your personal CBT guidebook, helping you to apply CBT principles effectively.

6. Try Virtual Therapy Platforms

If you need more personalized guidance, try exploring virtual therapy platforms that offer free or low-cost CBT therapy sessions. These platforms connect you with professional therapists who specialize in CBT and provide therapy sessions through video calls. Search for terms like “free virtual therapy CBT” or “affordable online CBT therapy near me” to find suitable platforms as per your needs.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy In Pennsylvania

CBT Therapy In Pennsylvania: Do you or someone you care about feel like you’re struggling with your thoughts or feelings? Are you looking for any CBT therapy in Pennsylvania to improve your thoughts pattern and behaviors? Cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) might be a useful option for you. 

It can also help with difficulties in relationships, high levels of mental health issues, or even problems with substance or alcohol abuse. CBT is a type of therapy that can make a positive impact in these areas of your life.

Many places there, like Peace Valley Recovery, provide CBT (Cognitive Behavioral Therapy) as a part of their programs to help people who suffer with drug and alcohol problems.

FAQ – How To Do CBT Therapy At Home :Free CBT Therapy Guide

Que1. How Is CBT Therapy Done?

Ans- CBT therapy involves the process of identifying and challenging negative thoughts and behaviors in order to develop healthy coping strategies and improve well-being.

Que2. How To Do CBT Therapy On Yourself For Anxiety?

Ans- Here are some important points

1. Identify and change negative thoughts.
2. Practice relaxation techniques.
3. Gradually try to expose yourself to feared situations.
4. Set your realistic goals and track progress.
5. Develop coping strategies.
6. Seek professional guidance if you need it.

Que3. What Are The Top Online Resources For CBT Therapy?

Ans – Online CBT therapy resources are –

1. Beck institute of cognitive therapy
2. Cognitive Therapy Today
3. Psychology Tools
4. Therapist Aid
6. CBT Online Therapy 
7. Anxiety and Depression Association of America (ADAA)
8. MoodGYM Centre
9. Best Centre for Clinical Interventions (CCI)

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