How Much Unexcused Absenteeism Is Acceptable Per Year? 

Unexcused absenteeism in various sectors whether at work, office or in educational institutions and it is a topic that requires careful considerations. In simple words, an unexcused absences means when you take off from your designated responsibilities without the approval of your boss. It is important to maintain a balance between personal circumstances, commitments and workplace responsibilities. In this blog we discuss the question of how much unexcused absenteeism is acceptable per year and insight into a productive and responsible attitude.

how much unexcused absenteeism is acceptable per year

What Is The Absenteeism Rate?

The absenteeism rate means the percentage of time that employees or students or any worker are absent from their responsibility such as at office, school or work within a specific time schedule. You can calculate by dividing the total number of the days or hours that missed because of absences by the total number of days or hours that were scheduled.

For example – If an office employee absent for 10 days from work out of a total 200 workdays in a year, then the absenteeism rate should be (10/20) – *100 = 5%.

The absenteeism rate is usually used by organizations or institutions to monitor and manage attendance lists so that they can find productivity and office performance. There can be several reasons for employees absenteeism such as illness, family problems and childcare.

How Much Unexcused Absenteeism Is Acceptable Per Year?

Usually in workplaces, organizations consider to accept 1-3% unexcused absenteeism, which means employees can be absent for a few days in each year without affecting their performance or working productivity. However the absence rate is dependent on the different types of industry and the nature of the work.

How Much Unexcused Absenteeism Is Acceptable Per Month?

In workplaces, organizations generally consider to accept 1-2 days of unexcused absenteeism per month for employees. This can convert around 12-24 days of unexcused absenteeism for a year.

Steps To Reducing Absence In Your Business

Now look here some easy steps to reduce your absence rate in your work –

1. Start Analyze Absence Patterns

You should start tracking and analyzing your absence data to identify this record. Look for some significant days such as seasons, special days of the week or different departments with higher unexcused absenteeism rate.

2. Develop Positive Work Environment

You should create a positive environment that also increases the value of your employees wellbeing and provides job satisfaction. Always motivated to talk openly, clear the doubts promptly and recognize their achievements. So they always feel motivated to give you 100% output of the work.

3. Flexible Work 

You can provide flexible work arrangements such as remote work with flexible hours, to accommodate employees needs and reduce load such as commuting.

4. Health And Wellness Programs

You can start some wellness programs that specially focus on physical and mental health such as gym membership, food coupon and stress management workshops, and other types of counseling services to support employees overall well-being.

5. Provide Adequate Training

It’s your responsibility to provide proper training to your employees so that you can give 100% output from their work. Through the proper training, they can reduce stress and frustration of unprepared meetings.

6. Address Workplace Stressors

You have to Identify and reduce stressors in the workplace that may increase the chances of absenteeism. These stressors include such as immediate deadlines, arguments, interpersonal conflicts and insufficient resources for work.

7. Reward Attendance

Start an attendance recognition and award program that gives motivation to employees to make this record better day by day. This can help to make a good habit of proper attendance in the workplace.

8. Team Building Activities

Develop in employees the habit of working with team members through team building activities and social events. If employees have a strong relationship with each other it can make them more motivated to come to work.

“You can apply these 8 steps in your business to reduce unexcused absenteeism of employees. Be patient because these steps take some time to manage but it will be worth it”.

How Much Unexcused Absenteeism Is Acceptable Before A Person Is Formally Disciplined?

In a workplace, If someone takes an absence without any valid reason 3 to 5 times in about 6 months, then the boss has the power to take serious action on this. However, the exact limit depends on company policies and impact of your absences on work.


When you join the office it’s important to know all the rules and regulations related to unexcused absence. It is not acceptable in the workplace to take more than 5 absences in a year, if you do you will definitely harm your job. So be cautious and avoid making your image negative in the thousands of people in office.

FAQ – How Much Unexcused Absenteeism Is Acceptable Per Year? 

Que1. How Many Unexcused Absences Are Allowed At School?

Ans- On an average, 5-10 unexcused absences are acceptable in the school year. However, it depends on different schools’ policies.

Que2. In Your Most Recent Job, How Many Times Per Year Did You Have An Unexcused Absence?

Ans- I had 3 to 4 unexcused absences in my most recent job because I know the company policy and its not right to take leave before manager’s approval.

Que3. How Many Unexcused Absences Are Allowed At Office Work?

Ans- Generally 3-5 unexcused absences are acceptable within a year for every employee.

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