If you are on the path of going spiritual then you might be aware of this life changing practice. Because in today’s time there is a need to include this practice in our life. But if you are facing this cord cutting spiritual meditation practice for the first time, then believe me, this practice can work very well for you.

You must have heard about different types of meditation such as morning meditation, christian and transcendental meditation but this meditation is really different. Because this cord cutting meditation practice is related to your overall physical, mental and emotional health.


If you constantly feel tired and anxious for no reason. In such a situation, it is possible that you are taking the unhealthy  energies of the people you support.

And for this reason, it’s crucial to learn how to do a cord cutting meditation or about cord cutting ritual and ceremony. So that you do not consider yourself empty in the process of supporting others.

In this article you will get to know all information related to cord.cutting ritual, cord cutting ceremony and apart from this we will know that, how does cord cutting affect the other person? 

Basically, cord cutting meditation works to bring your power and energy back to you.

What Is Cord Cutting Meditation?

Cord cutting meditation is like a visualization meditation technique that aims to release some of the energetic cords or connections between yourself and other individuals, situations, experiences or feelings that no longer serve your highest good.

Let me try to explain this to you in more simple words.

For example – 

  • When the memories, talks and emotions of a person start troubling you more than your level, then you need to cut the cord.
  • When you are in a toxic relationship with someone, the things and memories associated with them bother you a lot.
  • If you are in or coming out of a toxic relationship, you should cut the spiritual energy ties with that person, so that you are not haunted by the stress and fear associated with it. Because it’s really hard to feel safe in someone’s energy.

How To Do A Cord Cutting Meditation?

Before knowing how to do a cord cutting meditation, I want to tell you that if you are a beginner then you can use guided meditations for this practice. 

And beside this, you can use cord cutting mantra for chanting and cord cutting affirmations to let go of all negative emotions or cutting energy cords with ex or any other toxic relation.

Here is a simple and easy way to do a cord cutting meditation –

  1. Find a quiet and comfortable place to sit down and then close your eyes.
  1. Take 5 to 10 deep breaths and relax your body.
  1. Strongly visualize a rope connecting you to the person, situation, or emotion that you want to release completely.
  1. Imagine yourself using a pair of scissors to cut the rope or cord.
  1. As you cut the cord, visualize the energy flowing back to you, filling you up with light and so much positivity.
  1. And finally, take a few more deep breaths and focus on feeling grounded in the present moment.

This meditation you can use to release any energetic cords or attachments that are holding you back, such as negative situations, emotions and unhealthy relationships. 

Some people avoid using this because of the side effects of cord cutting but the side effects are not for everyone.

How Does Cord Cutting Affect The Other Person?

Cord cutting can affect the other person in different ways depending on the situation. If you’re thinking about ending a romantic relationship for example, cord cutting meditation may cause the other person to feel disappointed, hurt, rejected, or confused. 

They may also feel a sense of loneliness if they were emotionally invested in them  with you.

In other situations, cord cutting meditation can also impact the other person’s life. For example, if you decide to cut ties with an ex, friend or any family member, they may feel hurt or offended. They may also realize that they’ve lost a pure and true connection in their life. 

It’s really critical to handle cord-cutting with compassion and comprehension. While prioritizing your own needs and boundaries is crucial, it’s equally critical to think about how your actions could affect the other person after a breakup.

Cord cutting spiritual meditation can have a positive effect on both sides of relation if there is open communication and a willingness to listen.

You can also use twin flame cord cutting meditation which is a spiritual practice that involves the use of visualizing and energetically severing the bond between two persons who believe they are twin flames, in order to release every type of negative emotions, attachments or energies that may be blockages their personal growth and spiritual development.

Cord Cutting Ritual For Twin Flame

Cord cutting is a spiritual ritual for twin flames to release all types of negative energy and emotions from past toxic relationships or bad experiences. 

Cord cutting ritual in toxic relationships involves visualizing a cord connecting the two flames and then you have to cut energetic ties between them. 

This ritual allows each flame to move forward on their individual journeys without any negative attachments. It’s important to follow the cord cutting ritual with pure intention, and with an open heart to fully release any lingering energy.

What Are The Benefits Of Cord Cutting Ceremony?

Here I’m going to tell you the 4 important benefits of cord cutting ceremony related to your mental and physical health.

1. Emotional Healing 

Cord-cutting ceremonies can help to remove emotional blockages and traumas which stop you from moving forward in your life. It can help you to move on from past relationships or incidents.

2. Improved Relationships

By cutting the energetic cord with people who have hurt you a lot, you have a chance to improve your relationships with them or move on from toxic relationships altogether.

3. Increased Self-Awareness 

Cord-cutting ceremony can help you become more aware of your own emotions. By understanding these patterns, you can work on getting healthier relationships and behaviors.

4. Stress Relief 

Letting go of negative emotions and unhealthy attachments can lead to reduced stress and anxiety levels. This can help to improve overall mental health and well-being.

Cord cutting ceremony can affect the other person’s personal emotions or feelings. They also have developed the feeling of hurt, negative, disappointment etc.

This means you are cutting the energy cords with exes, toxic relations, friends etc. So you don’t need to feel safe in someone’s energy.

What Are The Side Effects Of Cord Cutting Meditation?

Some people may experience side effects of cord cutting meditation. 

1. Temporary Discomfort  

It is common to experience temporary discomfortness such as fatigue, headaches and dizziness during the initial stages of cord cutting rituals or meditation.

2. Emotional Release

Cord cutting meditation can lead to an emotional release, which may show up in feelings of sadness, unnecessary anger, or anxiety.

3. Physical Sensations 

It is also very common to experience some physical sensations such as warmth or tingling in the body during cord cutting ceremony or meditation.

4. Changes In Relationships 

Cord cutting spiritual meditation can bring changes in relationships as old attachments and patterns are released. This can be positive for you in the long run period but may cause some temporary discomfort.

These side effects of cord cutting meditation can affect both the persons.

What Are Some Effective Cord Cutting Mantra?

Cord cutting mantra is really helpful to remove all negative memories or emotions from your life.

Here I give you some very effective cord cutting mantra –

  1. “I give up my attachment to cable and embrace the freedom of streaming.”
  1. “I choose to simplify my life by cutting the cord and reducing unnecessary expenses.”
  1. “I’m in control of my entertainment choices and don’t need to be limited by cable packages.”
  1. “I let go of the fear of missing out and trust that I can enjoy the shows and movies that really matter to me.”


Cord cutting ritual can work like a powerful tool that helps individuals to detach from the negative relationships whether it is with your friend, cliques, past boyfriend or girlfriend. Once the connection starts to cut then you feel relaxed, motivated, and encourage yourself to work on new projects that can improve your life. This ritual helps to heal you well. If you are one who is depressed with the past attachments then definitely you can try this.

FAQHow Does Cord Cutting Affect The Other Person?

What Is Cord Cutting, And How Does It Affect The Other Person?

It may surprise you to know that some people think of it as a play of black magic. Because whatever you do in this meditation affects the other person. But the reality is cord cutting rituals save you from thinking negatively, because of this can make you prone to stress and anxiety. And it just affects the other person’s emotions and thinking pattern.

What Are The 7 Major Side Effects Of Cord Cutting?

Here are 7 possible side effects of cord cutting is –
1. Physical Comfortness 
2. Vivid Dreams
3. Feeling of Emotional turbulence
4. Increased Sensitivity
5. Feeling Disconnected 
6. Don’t Feel Like Working
7. Feeling Very Tired

How Do You Cut The Cord In A Toxic Relationship?

You have to visualize a cord between you and another person then imagine and cut it. Tell the person that you really love them and are very grateful for them but will no longer be tied to them. After that, imagine that you are removing the cords and your awareness coming back to your body.

What Is Cord Cutting Healing?

Cord cutting healing is a spiritual practice that helps to release all negative attachments or connections to people and develop emotional well being and growth.

How Do You Know If Cord Cutting Is Working?

When you start to feel emotional freedom, increase mental clarity and reduce emotional or negative attachment then you can understand that chord cutting ritual is working for you.

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