Free 28 Day Chair Yoga For Seniors To Improve Flexibility!

It’s natural for the body to become less flexible with increasing age. Aging can be a beautiful journey if you take care of your mental and physical health. Yoga is a fantastic way for seniors to improve flexibility but somehow you might think, “I can’t perform difficult poses”. Well it’s great news for you that you can perform chair yoga and improve your strength and body flexibility. 

This free 28 day chair yoga for seniors can be a life changing experience to enjoy mental peace and physical health. In this blog we will know the amazing benefits of chair yoga practice and guide you through a free 28 day chair yoga challenge to help you get started.

free 28 day chair yoga for seniors

What Is Chair Yoga Practice?

Chair yoga is a unique style or modified form of traditional yoga poses that is specially designed for those people who have limited mobility and face difficulty to make proper balance. 

In this practice, you use a chair as your prop instead of using a yoga mat. This is a very comfortable yoga practice that can be done by anyone including seniors and beginners also. 

Those seniors who regularly practice this chair yoga experience a wonderful transformation in overall health and reduction in joint pain.

What Is The Free 28 Day Chair Yoga For Seniors?

In this 28 day free chair yoga exercises include week by week challenges that you follow to achieve your goal. I’m going to share with you a free 28 day chair yoga challenge step by step.

Week 1. Gentle Introduction 

From day 1 to 7, you will start with the basic poses such as neck rotation, seated stretches, ankle circles and practice to maintain balance. These shorter practice sessions help to develop some flexibility so that you can move on to the next level of poses. Gradually you can increase the duration of your exercise as you improve your chair yoga performance. Closely pay attention to your breath and make sure it remains the same throughout each process. 

Week 2. Increase Practice With Core And Balance

From day 8 to 14, you will meet with the new poses in your 28 day challenge journey. You just need to focus on improving your balance, flexibility and strength. You can enjoy the experience of new breathing techniques to enhance your practice. Set a 5 to 10 minutes break for relaxation at the end of each session.

Week 3. Flexibility And Mobility

From day 15 to 21, you will begin to incorporate some gentle transitions between different types of poses to create a flow. You explore deeper levels of stretches and stay in poses for a longer duration to increase flexibility and mobility. Gradually you will see a good transformation in your physical health and emotional wellbeing.

Week 4. Enjoying Your Achievement

From day 22 to 28, you will evaluate your amazing progress by analyzing the goals which you set at the starting of your journey. This will be time to celebrate your great achievements. 

Benefits Of Practicing Free 28 Day Chair Yoga For Seniors

There are remarkable benefits of practicing free 28 day chair yoga challenges. 

1. Improved Flexibility

For seniors, having flexibility is like going back to being younger. This chair yoga exercise includes some light stretches that can help to increase your flexibility and strength. As you become experienced, you will notice a greater ease of movement in your daily life.

2. Better Balance

Seniors face the problem of tiredness due to standing exercise and it is a very common concern for seniors. However, you don’t need to worry now because free chair yoga exercises are sufficient for seniors to improve overall health. Maintaining balance in chair yoga helps to reduce the risk of falls. 

3. Enhanced Strength

This 28 day chair yoga for seniors free program includes different types of chair yoga poses that helps to engage your muscles, and enhance your strength which is very essential for your daily activities.

4. Joint Health

When you start doing chair yoga exercise it works very gently on your joints and makes it suitable for those people who suffer with arthritis and joint issues.

5. Stress Reduction

In this 28-day chair yoga challenge, deep breathing and other relaxation techniques can help to reduce stress, anxiety and promote mental well-being. Anyone can get amazing benefits to join free chair yoga classes for seniors.

How Many Times Should You Do Chair Yoga?

The frequency of performing chair yoga exercises depends on individual choice, schedules, and physical activities. For achieving good results it is important to follow this yoga exercise for 3 to 4 weeks. 

You can choose time for this challenge according to your schedule. Remember, consistency is key to completing your goals.

As you grow in exercise, you may feel wanting to increase the duration of your exercise but keep in mind to always listen to your body first and adjust your practice accordingly.

Where Can You Join This Free 28 Day Chair Yoga For Seniors?

If you can not afford gym membership or don’t want to pay in high centers then choosing an online platform is a great opportunity to make your health better. Here are some online platform examples are – 


This website provides free chair yoga classes that can join anyone including seniors also. You can choose the sessions according to your skills and goals.

2. Betterme App

Betterme app is a health and fitness related app that gives you different types of programs such as 28 days wall pilates challenge, 28 day chair yoga for seniors and so on. If you want to improve your body flexibility and want to maintain your weight then this app is really helpful and the best thing about this is absolutely free to use.

3. SilverSneakers GO

Silver sneakers is also a fitness program especially for seniors who want to enjoy their flexibility with a healthy mindset. In this app you will find several types of routines that really help to achieve good body shape, increase strength and flexibility.

4. Yoga with Adriene

Adriene Mishler is a very popular yoga instructor on youtube which provides several types of chair yoga sessions which are suitable for seniors and her clear instructions makes them accessible for everyone.

5. Youtube 

Youtube is one of the crucial and easy ways to learn anything. If you want to learn 28 day chair yoga for seniors free guidance then you can go on youtube and you will find a lot of videos that give immense knowledge about this and share full 28 challenge videos.

Can You Lose Weight Doing Chair Yoga?

Chair yoga can indirectly help in weight loss by developing mindfulness and reducing the level of stress hormone which can really help to control emotional overeating. However, chair yoga does not burn the high level of calories that usually aerobic exercises and other different types of exercise do. If you are consistent with chair yoga and combined other exercises with a proper balanced diet can help to control weight loss.


Chair yoga exercise can be an excellent way to improve your flexibility, balance, strength and overall mental and physical health. With the help of a free 28-day chair yoga challenge, you can gradually start to feel changes in your health, body and flexibility. You can join online platforms for chair yoga practice by searching “28 day chair yoga for seniors youtube” and you can get wonderful videos or programs that you can join and improve your strength and flexibility.

FAQFree 28 Day Chair Yoga For Seniors To Improve Flexibility!

Que1. Where Can I Find Free Chair Yoga Classes For Seniors?

Ans- For finding free chair yoga classes you can search on google to type chair yoga classes and you get several results on this in the form of websites or you may go on youtube and find many free videos or programs that you can follow to achieve your healthy body.

Que2. Is There Free Chair Yoga For Beginners? 

Ans- Yes, even beginners can join an online chair yoga program or by downloading an app like betterme and start to follow all the sessions to get the perfect results.

Que3. Is 28 Day Chair Yoga For Seniors Really Helpful In Reducing Joint Pain?

Ans- Yes, if you practice chair yoga persistently then your joint will improve and you will feel good that your joint pain is gone.

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