Does Period Sex Creates Soul Ties?

Does period sex creates soul ties? This is a question that develops some confusion related to periods and sex. Confusing questions is that usually everyone advises that you should never have sex when you are in your period because the chances of pregnancy are higher but here the thing is that if you have sex in your period it really creates soul ties. 

So what is the truth behind period sex, does it create soul ties. In this blog we will understand what should be the right choice.

Does period sex creates soul ties

What Is The Meaning Of Soul Ties In A Sexual Period?

Soul ties during sexual activity, when a woman is on her periods is a belief that doing sex at this time can create a very strong spiritual and emotional connection between the people who perform this sex activity.

Around 55% of people believe that having sex during this period makes the bond strong and develop a great understanding power between both of them. Soul tie is a very deep connection that can not be explained in words but when you do sex during the menstruation cycle it enhances your attachment with the partner and you feel like soul tied. 

Does Period Sex Creates Soul Ties?

Soul tie is a very beautiful spiritual connection that makes you feel more confident and increases your attachment towards your partner. 

Soul ties are also known as twin flames or soulmates. Sexual activity is one of the most effective activities that usually creates soul ties connections.

During sex both the person releases a flood of chemicals in their brains that gives intimacy pleasure. 

However, some people believe that having sex in period can create a soul tie but there is no specific proof because it is a personal moment that people individually feel. 

Before involving in period sex you should know the pros and cons of sex during period. Then you can easily decide whether you wanna try to make soul ties during period sex or not. 

What Are The Pros And Cons Of Sex In Periods?

It’s very crucial for people to know about all the pros and cons of sexual activity in periods. Here you will know – 

Pros Of Sex During Period

1. Pain Relief

Some people believe that sexual activities during periods can help to reduce cramps and other types of body discomforts that are related to the period due to the release of endorphins and muscle relaxation.

2. Improved Mood

Performing sexual activity during your period can help to improve your mood, reduce stress and anxiety. 

3. Natural Lubrication

Blood can work as a natural lubricant that helps to make sex more comfortable.

4. Increased Intimacy

When you share this experience with your partner it can enhance your emotional closeness and help in better communication.

5. Shorter Periods

Orgasm can help expel menstrual fluids more quickly, chances of shortening the length of your period.

Cons Of Sex During Period

1. Increased Risk Of Infection

Decision of engaging in sexual activity during the period can increase the risk of infection but if you take care of proper hygiene and safe sex practices can help to reduce the infection risk.

2. Odor And Discomfort

Some people may feel uncomfortable with the smell or sensations that are associated with menstrual blood.

3. Potential Discomfort

Women have cramps, bloating and other body discomfort which makes sex less enjoyable for some individuals during their period.

4. Emotional Factors

Sex in periods may feel less comfortable with their bodies which can affect their sexual experience.

What Are The Effects Of Menstrual Blood On Men?

Menstrual blood is the blood that generally comes out of the lining of the uterus during period. It comes out of the body through the vagina. Menstrual blood can only affect women, not men. 

This is a myth that women’s menstrual blood can affect men and it makes them weak or sick. This is just blood that comes from the uterus. According to some cultures, some men and women share menstrual huts or spaces during periods. 

This is done in honor of the physical and emotional changes that women experience during this time and there is no evidence that this practice is harmful to men. 

Does Period Sex Make A Man Obsessed With You?

There are various factors that are required for healthy relationships or a man being obsessed with you such as trust, loyalty, respect, shared experiences and many more. Man obsessed with you by period sex can be a choice of an individual. Some men like to do sex in their period but some do not. 

If you manage your relationship well and you have all those qualities that your partner loves then sex in period can definitely strengthen your relationship. 

If your partner wants to have sex in a period and you agree to this, then your partner may start giving more value to you because you understand their feelings. Because of this understanding in a relationship your man may become obsessed with you. 

But remember that sex is not a priority to be obsessed with. If your partner gives you respect and unconditional love then these qualities are enough to be obsessed.

Does Period Sex Make You More Attached?

Engaging in sexual activity during period can enhance your emotional intimacy and close attachments between partners. This can also develop trust between both individuals.

However, the level of attachment is dependent on several factors beyond sexual activity such as open communication, compatibility, mutual respect, care and shared experiences. So, yes, period sex can increase the level of attachment between individuals. 

Does Sex On Your Period Help With Pain?

If you have sex during periods, it can give you some relief from menstrual cramps and discomfort that usually happen in this situation. This happens because during sexual activity releases endorphins which works as a natural pain reducer and mood enhancer. 

However, this experience is based on person to person. Some individuals may get relief during this sexual activity and others do not experience any relief in this pain. 

It is important to make sure that both partners feel comfortable when they decide to have sex during period and always use good protection so that you can stay away from any good news. 


Period sex creates soul ties, a matter of personal choice and experience. If you are in a healthy relationship and you decide to have sex during period then you may highly feel like soul ties with your partner while performing sexual activity. 

But if you just have casual sex then there are less chances to feel soul tie connection. Sexual activity increases your attachment to your partner that can work to strengthen your relationship. 

If you wanna gain experience of soul tie then you can perform sexual activity with your partner in periods. Results depend from person to person. 

FAQ – Does Period Sex Creates Soul Ties?

Does Sex On Your Period Shorten It?

If you include sexual activity during your period then there are no chances that it can impact on the duration of your period. Because the duration of your period is generally determined by your hormonal and menstrual cycle which are certainly not affected by sexual activity.

What Does A Sex Soul Tie Feel Like?

Sex soul tie connection is related to spiritual and emotional connection that increases towards the partner. When you feel a soul tie connection with your partner your relationship becomes very comfortable or smooth and you both start understanding the values of each other. 

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