Pros And Cons Of Cord Cutting Ritual

A cord cutting ritual is a way to let go of all types of bad feelings and connections that are hurting you. 

It can be really helpful, if you feel drained or stuck in a situation that’s not good for you. This cord cutting ritual involves using a candle and a cord cutting spell to cut the ties that are holding you back.

By doing this, you can start to feel better and improve your overall health, emotions, and relationships. This ritual is also known as a “candle cord cutting ritual” and the spell is used to cut the cords that are keeping you attached to negative things.


Performing a cord cutting ceremony has many mental health benefits. Although people have questions that are there any symptoms after the ritual of cord cutting, and how does cord cutting affect the other person

So, In this blog I will discuss all the pros and cons of cord cutting ritual, side effects of cord cutting and much more!

What Is A Cord Cutting Ritual?

If it’s been months since you broke up with your partner, but the memory of him still haunts you. 

Or do you keep thinking negative thoughts about yourself throughout the day and can’t let the positive ones come? Then you have to resort to the ritual of cutting the cord. 

Let me explain to you with another example – Have you ever felt like you had a really strong bond with someone else, even if they weren’t physically invlove with you or were far away?

If your good mood gets ruined by bumping into someone or are you struggling in the middle of a relationship?

So that means you have energetic cords with someone else and this is the time to open your cord cutting ritual kit and let’s get some candles burning to cut the cords.

You can use:

  1. Different types of crystals for cord cutting ceremony,
  2. Herbs for cord cutting and 
  3. Cord cutting spells

How Can You Cut Your Energetic Cord Using A Cord Cutting Ritual?

Energetic cords is like an invisible energy that generally connects us to others, places, thoughts, things, past beliefs, or past lives. These energy cords are developed by our thoughts, feelings, emotions and interactions, and they can transform energy between us and them.

If your cords are filled with love, trust and respect then these energy cords can be healthy for you. But if you are too scared and nervous to be in a relationship and feel like being tortured, then you should opt for an energetic cord cutting ritual.

You can cut the cords through the ritual of  cord.cutting and these rituals are – 

Crystals For Cutting The Energetic Cords 

Black tourmaline, selenite, obsidian, and clear quartz are commonly used crystals for energetic cord cutting ceremonies. If you use any of these crystals it can help to release negative energy and unhealthy attachment, promote healing, and provide satisfaction or protection and clarity during the process.

Prayers For Cutting The Energetic Cords

Prayer for cutting energetic cords involves asking for divine assistance to end unhealthy connections or attachments to people, situations, and past beliefs, while allowing for emotional and spiritual freedom.

Cord Cutting Spell To Cut Energetic Cord

A cord cutting ritual or spell means using your inner strength, thoughts, feelings, and connection to the world to cut ties with ex, any family relative or things you don’t want in your life anymore. You can imagine or use a piece of string to symbolically cut the connection between you and that person, place, thing, idea or anything. This can help you move away from them and feel free.

Keep In Mind…

These are the three important ways that you can use for cutting energy cords with ex, friends, partner etc. When you cut the ties, these cord cutting rituals affect the other person’s life and emotions. 

What Are The Pros And Cons Of Cord Cutting Ritual?

Here are some important pros and cons of cord cutting ritual are – 

Pros Of Cord Cutting Ritual

1. Helps Release Emotional Attachments – Candle cord cutting ritual can help you let go of all types of negative emotions and attachments to people, situations, or bad experiences that may be holding you back.

2. Improves Mental Health – By releasing negative energy through the burning of candle rope, cord cutting can develop your mental health and reduce the feelings of anxiety and depression.

3. Promotes Self-awareness – Cord cutting can help you to become more aware of your thoughts, emotions, reactions, and patterns of behavior, allowing you to make big positive changes in your life.

Cons Of Cord Cutting Ritual

1. Can Be Emotionally Challenging – Cord cutting can be emotionally challenging for some people, especially if you have a very strong attachment to the person or situation you are permanently letting go of.

2. May Not Work For Everyone – Cord cutting rituals may not be effective for everyone, especially if you’ve done it wrong and it may take several attempts or a combination of techniques to achieve the desired results.

3. Requires Practice – Cord cutting is a skill that takes a lot of practice and may not work on the first try.

What Is The Cord Cutting Ritual For Twin Flames?

Cord cutting rituals for twin flames are generally used to help release energetic ties or connections between two souls who share a deep spiritual bond. These rituals help twin flames to move forward with their individual paths and personal life growth, free from any energetic entanglements.

Steps Of Cord Cutting For Twin Flames 

1.Starting by setting the intention for the ritual. This can be done through prayer, cord cutting meditation.

2. Prepare a comfortable space for the ritual, such as a quiet room with candles, crystals, and other required spiritual tools that have personal meaning for you.

3. You have to visualize the energetic cords or connections between you and your twin flame. These cords may appear as candle rope, chains, or other physical objects that signify the ties that bind you.

4. Use a tool for example – knife or scissors, or a symbolic object such as feather or crystals for cord cutting between you and your twin flame.

5. Once you cut the cords, release all negative feelings or thoughts from your mind.


Some people believe that you can cut multiple cords with multiple people or places in one ritual, but I recommend to perform a separate cord cutting for whatever you want to release from your life. And the best time to do a cord cutting ritual is when you are alone. You should not involve any other person in this ritual.

FAQ – Pros And Cons Of Cord Cutting Ritual

Que1. Are There Any Side Effects Of Cord Cutting?

Ans- No, there are no side effects of cord cutting ritual but if your cord cutting procedure is not successful in the first attempt, you may start worrying thinking about it and it may take the form of side effects.

Que2. What Does Cutting Ties Mean?

Ans- Cutting ties means ending a relationship or connection with someone for example – cutting energy cords with ex, family, friends.

Que3. What Is Cord Burning Ceremony?

Ans- Cord burning ceremony is also known as a cord cutting ceremony. It is a ritual where two people who were joined together symbolically burn a candle rope to signify the end of their union.

Que4. What Happen When You Think About Lets Get Some Candles Burning For Cutting The Ties?

Ans- Thinking about “let’s get some candles burning for cutting the ties” may signify a desire to perform a ritual or symbolic act of releasing negative emotional attachments or connections.

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