What Is The 7 Second Poop Trick?

Are you facing the problem of poop stuck? If yes, then this 7 second poop trick is worth it for you. Poop stuck in a halfway is generally a sign of constipation but if this problem is continuously going on for several times then you need to know about Dr Gina Sam poop trick. In this article, I will share with you the knowledge about what Is the 7-second poop trick and how to get rid of the constipation problem.

7 second poop trick

What Is The 7 Second Poop Trick?

The 7 second poop trick by Dr Sam, who is a gut health expert. This is about the trending video which is viral on tiktok and other social platforms. This 7 second bowel cleanse morning ritual is related to constipation relief by simply rubbing your fists together for just seven seconds. 

In addition, drinking warm water with lemon starts the process of bowel movements. Regular drinking one glass of water in an empty stomach helps to kickstart your metabolism and promote bowels in motion.

According to Dr. Sam, rubbing fists together works to stimulate the vagus nerve, which helps to relax the colon and promote bowel movements. She also suggests doing this poop trick in a sitting position, which is more natural for bowel movements than sitting on a toilet seat.

Other studies also found that stimulating the vagus nerve with electrical impulses helped to increase the development in bowel movements in those people who have chronic constipation. You can definitely try the 7 second poop trick morning ritual to get rid of constipation.

What Is The 7 Second Poop Trick Recipe?

Actually, there is no hard recipe for 7-second poop trick or 10 second poop trick type. It’s just a technique that simply works on your digestive system and helps to reduce the problem of constipation. You just need to take a glass of warm water with a full lemon and then mix it well. 

Drink slowly and follow this recipe regularly to get effective results. Another technique is you have to come in a squatting position and rub your fists for 7 seconds. Here are some steps of Dr Gina sam poop trick :

  • Firstly, stand straight with your feet spread at shoulder width.
  • Now bend your knees and make a light squat position. 
  • Place your fists together in front of your chest.
  • Rib your fists together for a 7-second.
  • Lastly, stand up and try to poop.

Does The 7 Second Poop Trick Work?

Actually, the experience may be different for every person. Some people are great believers in hand rubbing which usually works like acupressure which is directly linked to the digestive system. Others like to use lemon with warm water for softer bowel movements.

The poop trick may work for everyone but the way to use this trick may be different.  You have to be patient to get results.  Remember, if you have severe constipation you should seek medical help, never use this trick as a substitute for this problem. 

7 Second Poop Trick With Apple Cider Vinegar

Some people prefer to add apple cider vinegar in their morning ritual for better digestion. Drinking apple cider vinegar with water can help to relieve constipation and also helps to promote bowel movements.

This vinegar contains acetic acid, which can help to promote the production of gastric acid and this acid works to break down the food and help it to move through the digestive system.

Apple cider vinegar also helps to increase the growth of good bacteria in the gut and these good bacteria play an important role in improving your digestion.

To make this mixture, take one tablespoon of apple cider vinegar and 4 tablespoons of water, then mix it well. Drink this mixture after waking up in the morning on an empty stomach. If you want, you can also add some honey to it for a sweet taste.

7 Second Poop Trick Review

There is no scientific evidence available related to the poop trick but many people have tried this 7 second poop trick by Dr gina sam, and they get positive results to maintain a healthy digestive system and bowel movements. 

If you are struggling with severe constipation and before using this trick you wanna know reviews about this poop trick then you can check on youtube or instagram by searching “Dr Gina Sam 7 second morning ritual“.


A 7 second poop trick for constipation relief can be helpful for some people. If you tried a lot of methods but you are not getting the satisfying results then you can try this 7-second constipation relief method. Use it consistently for perfect poop. If your abdomen is not clear in the morning, you cannot concentrate on other work diligently. So try this seven second poop method and enjoy your healthy digestive system.

FAQ – What Is The 7 Second Poop Trick?

Does The 7 Second Bowel Cleanse Trick Work?

It depends on your severity or the duration of your constipation. The results are different for every individual but most people get relief in constipation by using this poop trick.

How To Get Rid Of Stuck Poop?

You can follow the ritual of drinking warm water with one lemon to get rid of the stuck poop problem.

What Is The 7-second Constipation Relief Method?

In this 7 second poop method, do the first thing in the morning, drink warm water with lemon and use the second technique of rubbing your fists for 7-seconds to see the results of constipation relief method.

What Is The 7-Second Poop Trick By Emma?

Emma is a medicine or supplement that is used for constipation relief.

What Is The Bowel Release Morning Ritual?

7 second bowel release morning ritual helps you to have easy bowel movements. It helps to stimulate your vagus nerve that helps to regulate your digestion well.

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