Dr Gina Sam 7 Second Bowel Release Morning Ritual 

Do you face a lot of difficulty pooping in the morning? If so, then Dr Gina Sam 7 second bowel release morning ritual may be beneficial for you. In today’s time, there are many people who are struggling with constipation due to their wrong eating habits such as eating oily food. 

But there is hope for us! Dr. Gina Sam, known as a world-renowned gut doctor, has developed a 7 second morning ritual to poop more easily and regularly without pain. In this article, I will explain What is Dr gina sam 7 second morning ritual and how it works to relieve constipation.

What Is Dr Gina Sam 7 Second Bowel Release Morning Ritual?

Dr Gina Sam 7 second bowel release morning ritual is an easy to implement and effective technique that has been specifically developed for those individuals who want to promote regular bowel movements and improve your digestive health.

This dr.sam 7 second ritual involves a quick, simple breathing exercise that can be completed each morning in just seven seconds.

By incorporating some specific movements and effective breathing techniques, then this can stimulate your digestive system and promote the body to release waste products more efficiently. 

The goal of this simple am ritual is to create a natural and relaxing flow, allowing people to start their day feeling more energized.

7 second bowel release morning ritual

Dr. Gina Sam’s extraordinary approach to gut health provides a convenient and practical solution for those who want a smooth start to their mornings while supporting overall gut health.

How Does Dr Gina Sam 7 Second Morning Ritual Work?

Dr. Gina Sam 7 second morning ritual for constipation works to execute a series of targeted movements and controlled breathing to boost the digestive system.  

The techniques primarily focus on simple exercises that engage the abdominal area and promote peristalsis, the natural rhythmic contractions of the intestine that help move waste through our body’s digestive system. If you follow these rituals consistently you may improve your gut health.

Is It Normal To Have Two Bowel Movements Every Morning?

Having 2,3 bowel movements every morning may be normal or right for some people, but not for others. Actually, bowel habits depend from person to person and can be caused by many factors for example – physical activity, overeating, lack of hydration, diet and individual physiological rhythms.

Unless, if your bowel movements are comfortable, without pain, regular and there are no other serious symptoms, having two bowel movements in the morning may not be a cause for serious worries.

However, if you have any stress related to your bowel habits and want some professional advice then you must consult your medical advisor.

How To Release Bowels When Constipated?

If you are suffering from constipation then here are some tips that you should follow to pass stool without any pain.

1. Stay Hydrated

If you have a constipation problem then start paying attention to your drinking habits. Ask yourself if you really give your body enough water? If the answer is no then start drinking water as it helps soften your stool and makes bowel movements easier.

2. Increase Fiber Intake

Fiber intake is really important for better gut health, so start including high fiber foods like vegetables, fruits like avocado, lentils, raspberries, whole grains and legumes. All of these help promote better bowel movements.

3. Probiotics 

Probiotics are known as live bacteria and yeasts which when consumed provide digestive benefits and also help in maintaining the gut microbiome and overall health. You can take probiotics as supplements or in foods like yogurt.

4. Prune Juice

Prune juice is very beneficial for treating bowel release problems due to its natural laxative properties. This juice contains fiber and sorbitol which help in softening the stool and promoting bowel movements. You can drink this juice within an interval of 2 days.

5. Regular Exercise

Regular exercise helps in proper bowel release by stimulating the digestive system. If you do daily physical activity, then it increases muscle contraction in the intestines which helps to prevent constipation. 

Does Dr Gina Sam 7 Second Morning Ritual Work?

There is some strong evidence to suggest that Dr. Gina Sam’s 7 second bowel release morning ritual can help to improve bowel movements. A small study published in the journal “Digestive Diseases and Sciences” found that people who performed this 7 second morning ritual for regularly 2 weeks had more comfortable and easier bowel movements than those who did not do the ritual.

This ritual is believed to work by stimulating the gastrocolic reflex, which is a natural reflex that causes the colon to contract and empty itself after eating or drinking anything.

Using warm water and lemon in the ritual are believed to help stimulate the gastrocolic reflex, while deep breathing exercise works to relax the body and make it easier for stool to pass through the colon.

Dr Gina Sam 7 Second Bowel Release Morning Ritual Reviews

Yes, there are many reviews available on social media or other online platforms related to the 7 second morning bowel release ritual which gives confidence to people to try it at least once. Here are some positive reviews are –

  • I was facing difficulty from constipation for many years and my stomach was never clear in the morning. But after consistently following this morning ritual, my stomach has cleared up and I don’t have the same problem as before.  “Aria.S”
  • I used to have pain every morning while pooping but still my stomach could not clear properly. But the 7 second morning ritual to poop has proved to be very beneficial for me. Now I’m satisfied with my healthy digestion.  “Gemma D’souza” 
  • My digestion problem increased a lot and I was very upset, but finally after this 7 second bowel movement ritual, I am feeling very relieved.  “Steffan”

Dr Gina Sam 7 Second Morning Ritual For Weight Loss

There is no proper written evidence that proves that this ritual helps in reducing weight. However, you may have knowledge that most of our diseases start from our abdomen, be it due to poor digestion or overeating habits. And due to poor digestion, we have to face the problem of weight gain and weight loss somewhere. 

But if you want to lose weight then you can surely try this Dr. Gina Sam 7 second trick.  Because if your digestion function is good then your weight will also be balanced. She also suggests that every individual must drink a glass of warm water in the morning, whether you have a constipation problem or not. It can help in flushing out the toxins and reduce your constipation problem well.

Here are some helpful tips for losing weight and improving gut health with this wonderful morning ritual.

1. Eat Fiber 

Fiber is really good for healthy digestion and can help you feel fulfilled. Fruits, green vegetables, legumes and whole grains are good sources of fiber.

2. Drink Plenty Of Water 

If you drink daily a good amount of water helps to keep your body hydrated throughout the day and can also help to get rid of constipation problems. Drinking 8 glasses of water throughout the day is essential to maintain our health.

3. Get Regular Exercise 

If you exercise regularly, it helps to boost your metabolism and burn calories fast. Try for at least 20-30 minutes of normal exercise most days of the week like Sarvangasana and Surya namaskar.

4. Manage Stress 

If you are dealing with stress, it can be the reason for your weight gain and stomach problems. You need to manage your stress by adopting some healthy methods like meditation, yoga or spending time in nature.


Dr. Gina Sam 7 second bowel morning ritual offers a mild and effective way to relieve constipation and poop thoroughly.  By drinking warm lemon water, getting into a comfortable position on the toilet, and practicing deep breathing, this morning ritual taps into the natural gastrocolic reflex and helps relax the muscles of the pelvic floor and colon. Incorporating this 7 second poop trick helps you maintain your gut health and overall wellness.

FAQ – Dr Gina Sam 7 Second Bowel Release Morning Ritual 

What Is A 7 Second Morning Ritual To Poop immediately?

The 7-second bowel release involves the process of drinking warm water with lemon, then sitting comfortably on the toilet seat, and taking a few deep breaths. This procedure helps stimulate the gastrocolic reflex and relaxes the pelvic floor and colon muscles, which will make it easier to pass a bowel movement.

What Is Dr Gina Sam 7 Second Morning Ritual For Gut Health?

You have to follow the same process to improve the gut health which includes warm water with lemon, correct position in the toilet and deep breathing exercises.

How Do I Completely Empty My Bowels In The Morning?

By eating a balanced diet, including healthy fruits and vegetables in your diet, you can help empty your bowels in the morning.

What Is The Best Position To Poop When Anyone Constipates?

The best position to poop during constipation is to sit with your knees raised and your legs slightly spread apart to create the correct position. 

Does Dr Gina Sam 7 Second Trick Work?

Yes, this 7 second poop trick works but it depends on the health of person to person.

Does Dr.Sam 7-second Morning Ritual Help You Poop?

Yes, 7 second bowel release by Dr Sam Ritual helps you for poop, if you follow regularly.

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    • It depends on how often you face bowel movement problems. I mean if you are suffering from this problem once a week then this lemon water helps in bowel movement immediately and you should wait for 5 to 7 minutes after consuming this lemon water. I personally drink lemon water daily to cleanse my digestive system and it really helps me. But remember, if your problem persists for a long time then doctor’s advice is necessary.

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